Chapter 1 Coming on 17 April, 2017

Prince Ayron Book 1 The White Forest

An epic fantasy adventure for all ages!

A dreadful curse befell the world’s richest land.
Inside the most beautiful castle made of gold.
The ancient prophesies of Orr have been fulfilled.
The king was helplessly bound with chains.

Only young Prince Ayron escaped with his life.
He must journey through curious and mystical lands.
To find his mother’s people for help and support.
And summon an army of mighty men for war.

He must pass through the slumbering White Forest.
In whose gleaming beauty a dark secret lies.
The trees, the grass, and all its living creatures.
Rejoiced at the coming of their promised Prince.

Ayron only cared to rescue his father from the foe.
Until the Laurel trees refused to let him go.
Only the Sacred Book of the Wisdom of God.
Brought comfort to his despondent soul.

The prophecy unfolds.
The battle rages.
The land of Orr awaits the return of its rightful King.

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