Chapter 1 – Part 1

Foreword by King Arkyn – 1/2

The history of my family has intrigued me for as long as I could remember. I recall sitting at the feet of my father and grandfather as a child listening to them recount the stories of their own lives and of their fathers’ lives. I was most fascinated by the story of my great grandfather Ayron because he was not like anyone else.

He was born to the King of Orr and the Princess of the Zuries in the land of Orr. He left his father’s kingdom at the age of ten because his uncle overthrew his father’s rule. He went to the Valley of Lolaville by himself to search for his mother’s people, and spent many years in the wilderness. He trained as an expert in war and travelled for many years to reclaim his father’s kingdom. Though he refused the crown of both his father and mother’s kingdom, he is remembered as one of the greatest Princes by the world.

Neither my father nor grandfather spent much time with him as children, but they both urged me to seek out his wisdom before my coronation. I obeyed them and sought out my great grandfather Ayron five months before my coronation, when I was only a youth. I was on my knees for thirty days and thirty nights outside of his garden inside the Emerald Forest. He finally consented and let me into his sacred dwelling place among the twelve Laurel trees.

“Arkyn, my child, I have seen the sincerity of your heart. Nonetheless, do not think I’m doing this because of your sincerity, but for the good of our kingdom. I wish for you to not only pass on the good teachings to your children alone, but to all the people of your kingdom. For a selfish king will find himself among a selfish people and a generous king will find himself among a generous people. You can decide what kind of legacy to leave for your children.” His wise emerald eyes sparkled behind wrinkled skin, but his body was full of youth and vigour.

In the next two months, I assisted him with the routine day to day tasks and listened to him recount the events of his life and all the wonderful deeds of God he had witnessed. “My child, do not overuse your mind to understand life because the minds of our fleshly bodies are weak when it comes to the knowledge of God and the essence of life. Our fleshly minds cannot comprehend the wisdom of God, neither can our fleshly eyes see God. It is through faith that we understand the tender love God has towards us. He watches over us even more carefully than a mother watches over her new born babe. You must learn to see God through the mind and heart of your Spirit and Soul and learn to love Him with all your being. Do not set your heart on the things of this world, for they are no more than illusions that will pass away no sooner than they appear. Do not blindly accumulate riches and honour, for all good things without discernment will lead to the bottomless pit. If you wish to find the true source of life, then learn the fear of God in your youth.”

I listened to him with my eyes wide open and my heart tightly shut. Though I tried very hard to understand him, his life, his heart, and his soul, I could not make sense of his words. My heart was too proud to ask for explanations. I was the crown Prince of the great kingdom of Orr. I was taught by the best teachers of my kingdom and gained much wisdom according to the standards of my father’s teachings. How could he tell me that I did not know how to understand things? What did he mean by the mind of the Spirit and Soul? I started to understand why my father and grandfather believed he had a different kind of existence, in which he communed with God.

“All men were created to do the works of God.” He insisted, “I may have been given a special task in life, but I was not the only one chosen to do God’s work. All men must do the work God has given them, whatever their profession may be, whether they be bakers, porters, blacksmiths, maids, stewards, governors, kings or anything else under the sun. All the work that men carry out on this earth were given by God, and they must fulfil their duties.”

When I asked him why he refused the crown, he answered nonchalantly, “What is the crown to a man who has no appetite for power? Let those who desire power seek after power, and let those who desire wealth seek after wealth. I do wish I understood God’s sense of humour when I was a young man.” His lips widened into a bittersweet smile. “There are things placed in front of your eyes which are not meant for you to have, and there are things placed miles away from you which are meant for you to obtain, though they may seem impossible. Nonetheless, God is the only one who can fulfil the true desires of a man’s heart, for He is the maker of hearts. Satan does nothing more than rouse the true desires of men’s hearts, so He could take hold of their souls by offering up evil and iniquitous ways of obtaining them. Men oftentimes overlook Satan’s intelligence because they forget that he too was formed by the Almighty hand of God.”

When the time for me to depart drew near, I was saddened by the thought of leaving him. I could not contain my emotions within and wept bitterly in front of him. I prayed to God earnestly to grant me a heart like his, so that I could live as he did.


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