Chapter 1 – Part 2

Foreword by King Arkyn – 2/2

“My child, you must understand that God has assigned to each man his own lot.” He read the thoughts deep in my heart. “It is time for you to go home and fulfil your destiny. And if it is God’s will, you shall see me again in this life. Otherwise, we shall meet in our eternal dwelling.” He spoke gently with his gentle emerald green eyes and reached inside his robe. “I shall give you this poem to ponder upon when you’re worn out by the daily chores of life. It is a record of my life, of my past and my future. More importantly, ponder the goodness of God, in times of prosperity and in distress, for God is the maker of all times. Remember to meditate on His Word often, for in them is the spring of life.”

He unfolded a piece of snow white hide with words written in deep emerald ink. The cursive writing displayed such power and grace that could have only come from his hands. I asked him to read it to me because I knew no other lips could utter those words with the same emotions as the author himself. He read slowly, savouring each word with sweet nostalgia, as the scenes of his life played over again in his mind.

“I am the fallen leaf blown by the wind,
That goes hither and thither not at its will.
I am the lone traveller under the night sky,
Guided by the moonlight and stars.
I am the fatherless and motherless child,
Without a family and without a home.
I am the young bird with widespread wings,
Who sings a new song every morning.
I am the deserted rose of the gardener,
Filled with sorrow of unrequited love.
I am the violent storm in summer time,
That nourishes the hungry ground.
I am the faithful messenger of God,
who warns the disobedient sons of man.
I am the young Prince of Orr,
the rightful heir to the throne.
I am the lost Prince of Lolaville,
Who carried the sorrows of his people.
I am the lonely hermit of the ancient forest,
Who is most at home with trees and rocks.
I am the Prince of the right hand of God,
Who fights for Him in the days of wrath.
I am but a traveller and sojourner on the Earth,
Who shall soon be at home forever.”

I caught a glimpse of tears in his eyes at times, and wished to comfort him, but did not know how. Perhaps those were tears of joy and not of sorrow, and I was the one who needed to be comforted. I did not understand then the peace he had in God, which surpassed all worldly understanding. I kept the poem close to me and mused on it often. It read beautifully in the language of the Zuries because the words conveyed strong emotions.

I begged him to stay with me a while in the Marvelous Castle because I wished to hear more of his wisdom. He declined my request kindly, “Though I was born inside the stone walls of the Marvelous Castle, it had never truly been my home. I have not felt a greater sense of belonging than inside this forest. Perhaps it was my ignorance and naiveté as a child then, I can still remember the day I stepped inside the White Forest.” He glanced down for a moment, deep in his thoughts. “The creations of God loved me with a love so pure and clean that surpasses even the deepest love I have received from my dearest human relations. They never demanded anything from me, but gave of themselves freely. They praised God incessantly and wholeheartedly. I did not fully comprehend these things at the time because I was in a hurry to accomplish my duties as my father’s son. But now I do not have many days left on this earth, and I wish to spend them here.”

I departed unwillingly with a heavy heart, but soon after I returned to the Marvelous Castle, his words settled into the back of my memory. I was fully occupied with my duties as the king of Orr and did not take time to reflect upon the goodness of God. Until the great disaster came upon our kingdom and the invaders broke down the fortified walls of the Marvelous Castle. On the day I heard the news of the approaching army, I shut myself inside my study and refused all food. I cried out to God on my knees without ceasing, with his poem in my hands. I repented of my foolishness and pleaded with God for forgiveness. On that day, God opened the eyes of my heart and spoke to me for the first time. That was the first time I felt the peace which surpassed all understanding. The cries of the approaching army did not phase me because I knew that the One who had sent them also had the power to destroy them.

Fire and hailstones came down from Heaven and struck down the army of my enemies, but my people in their midst were not hurt. I lifted up my eyes to the Heavens and saw through the window of my study a glimpse of the dark sky lit up by the fiery storm. Atop the dark clouds stood two Angels of God commanding the fire and hailstones. Next to them was a young man clothed in a white robe watching the battle at the Marvelous Castle. When I looked closely, I saw his emerald green eyes, gentle and wise, same as the last time I had seen them.

In the next fifteen years, I sought out all my great grandfather Ayron’s close companions and the best historians around the world. I exhausted all my resources and drew up an accurate historical account of his life. I shared those books with members of the Royal family and our close relatives. My Royal Counsellors convinced me to incorporate the account of Prince Ayron into our education system. Soon, his story spread to kingdoms near and far. I received many requests from kings around the world for permission to translate these books into their own languages so their people could read them.

I remember my great grandfather’s words when I asked him to write an autobiography, “I have no qualms of sharing my story and my life with the world, as long as it is done in good faith. The emphasis must not be on me, but on God. For who am I but an instrument of God’s might and power. My deepest desire is for His name to be glorified on all the earth, for He alone deserves the praises of men.”

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