7 Ways to Live a Fuller Life

We often search for the ‘missing things’ in our lives through entertainment and the people around us. Sometimes, it only takes a few steps and glances in a different direction to find the things that are truly fulfilling in life.

Read a good book: Words are not bound by time and space. Only in books can you travel through time and encounter events and meet people beyond your wildest dreams without risking your safety. If you are looking for an adventure or just a calm and relaxing afternoon, why not pick up a good book and let your imagination take flight?

Go for a walk: Get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. Let your lungs rejuvenate and breathe in some fresh air. Have you ever noticed how quickly the clouds move in the sky? What about the beautiful palette of the sunset? Did you notice how the fresh new leaves grow on the branches? The streets you walk by look the same everyday, but do they really?

Learn a new language: Why not put your mind to the challenge, and the at the same time pick up a new skill. Language is a cultural expression, so the next time your complain about the difficult grammar, remember the joys of being able to explore a new world all on your own. Have you tried reading the newspaper in a different language? It gives you a different perspective on life.

Help the poor: Is your house overflowing with items that are just sitting around and collecting dust. Why not take them to a charity shop so they can go to someone who can put it to good use? Remember, one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. Your neglected clothes could brighten up someone else’s day.

Travel: Visit a place you have never been before. If possible, try to avoid the touristy areas and get an authentic experience. You would not be able to experience authentic Japanese cuisine in a local restaurant. It’s not just food but the whole ambiance that make up the unique experience. So step out of your comfort zone and experience a different culture firsthand. You’ll also come home appreciating the things you have always taken for granted.

Go star gazing: There is nothing like looking up at the night sky in the middle of a barren desert at the millions of little lights in the vast sky. There is a sense of peace you would never experience elsewhere on this earth. Why not try to hear what the stars have to say? After all, they’ve been around a lot longer than we have.

Eat natural and organic foods: We have all become very lazy with the preparation of our foods. Ditch the microwavable dishes and sugars, and dig into some fresh veggies and fruits. You’ll be surprised at how delicious and juicy they are.

Try these things by yourself or with a loved one. You won’t be disappointed with what you discover.

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