Chapter 2 – Part 2

The Kingdom of Orr – 2/5

The children of the immigrants multiplied and they took over the businesses of the people of Orr. They bought houses, farmlands and possessions belonging to the people of Orr and carried out business as if they were in their own land. The immigrants said to one another joyfully, “Behold, the toil of our hands has brought us wealth in the richest land in the world. Now our children shall inherit our possessions and call this land their own. We have done very well for both ourselves and our children. Now we can rest in peace with no regret in our hearts.”

The migration of people to the land of Orr continued for many generations. These migrants settled throughout the land of Orr by their ethnic groups. Though some of them mixed with the local people in marriage, they each maintained their own customs. The only regions the immigrants did not settle in were Ouro, Aranie, and Aurie, because the people of Orr in these regions did not welcome them. They insisted on maintaining the purity of their blood and obeying the commandments of their fathers. They worshipped the eternal God and did not bow down to images of men, beasts, or nature. Neither did they go to fortune tellers, astrologers, or necromancers for guidance. They only inquired of the Prophets of God.

Ever since the time of the construction of the Royal Trading Market, the kings of Orr began to set their hearts on the riches of this world. They took beautiful foreign women as concubines and gave their daughters in marriage to wealthy foreign kings. They used their wealth to establish treaties and allies with foreign kingdoms. These kings worshiped God with their mouths and carried out religious ceremonies with pomp and extravagance, but their hearts were far from the commandments of God. The people followed after their king without much thought because they revered him.


 In the thirteenth year of the reign of King Netham, the eighteenth king of Orr, the king’s heart trembled with fear. He called his Royal Counsellors to him and said, “What shall we do with all the migrants who have come to dwell in our kingdom? They have grown numerous and powerful over the years, and their children live here as in their own land. They have taken over the dwelling places and businesses of many of our people. I fear in my heart that one day they will also take over our kingdom and force us and our children to leave.”

The Royal Counsellors replied, “Live forever, our great king! Your marvelous deeds and the might of your kingdom are known throughout the whole world. All the nations of the world look upon you with awe, from the rising of the sun to the place of its setting, and from where the north wind comes and blows to the furthest corner in the south. Therefore, your majesty need not fear the immigrants who are merely sojourning among us. They do not pose a threat to us, for they each come from a different land and are not united in power. They are like scattered shards of glass that cannot cause any serious harm. If they were ever to stir up a revolt against your rule, our Royal Army would defeat them like the stubble under our great chariots.”

The face of King Netham did not light up at the words of the Royal Counsellors, so they continued, “Your majesty, our great king! However, if you’re deeply concerned for your safety, and for the safety of your Royal household. If you truly cannot rest in peace at night, then let us counsel you to build a great fortified castle to protect yourself and your Royal household from any potential danger from the immigrants dwelling in your kingdom. This great castle will also stand as a testament to your majesty’s magnificent power and wealth to the whole world, so that all the people of the earth may stand in awe of you.”

King Netham’s countenance lit up with joy, “My wise counsellors. I am well pleased with your proposal of this great fortified castle! I shall issue a decree at once for you to summon the most skilled architects and craftsmen to commence the construction of this great and marvelous castle. As you all know, my dear and faithful servants, I am not a king who enjoys assigning difficult tasks to his people. Therefore, I have only one requirement for this castle, it must have the strength of a mighty fortress and the beauty of a glamourous palace.”


When Prince Onan, the eldest son of King Netham, heard of his father’s plans, his heart was alarmed. He remembered the words spoken by the Prophet Faibius regarding the construction of a castle, how it would bring a curse upon the people of Orr. Thus Prince Onan spoke to his father privately, “My father, your majesty. May I speak a word with you regarding the castle you have planned to construct?”

“Yes, my son. You may speak to me regarding anything, great or small. For you will one day sit on my throne, and rule over this kingdom as your own.”

“Father, I have heard rumours of the castle, that it will indeed look magnificent.”

King Netham let out a deep and satisfying laugh, and waved his right hand as he spoke. “Yes, my son. It will indeed be the most magnificent castle in the whole world. People from all the corners of the earth, from the far north to the far south and from the far east to the far west, will come to admire it. And our kingdom, the kingdom of Orr, will be known throughout the world as the most luxurious kingdom that ever existed in the history of men.”

“Father, please forgive me for what I am about to say.” Prince Onan paused for a moment when he saw the puzzled look on his father’s face, “I have served you all my life with my whole heart, but I’m afraid I cannot support the construction of this castle. Our forefathers commanded us in the law of God to dwell among our people, and to never separate our dwelling from theirs. Prophet Faibius has also warned us in the Book of Caution that on the day we enclose ourselves inside fortified walls, disaster will befall our kingdom. From the…”

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