Chapter 2 – Part 3

The Kingdom of Orr – 3/5

“My son, I understand your concern. You must understand that the commandments of our forefathers are from a long ago, but the times have changed.” King Netham explained patiently, “We can no longer dwell in peace with all the common people in our kingdom, especially the immigrants from all the face of the earth. My son, have you not seen how they took hold of our land and called it their own?

They are increasing in strength each day, and I fear that one day they will become a threat to our throne. Now is the best time to strengthen our defences against these foreigners, before they become too mighty and powerful for us!”

“Father, I have earnestly surveyed our kingdom in the past five years, in all the regions of our land. I have witnessed many just and unjust deeds committed by both our people and the immigrants. I did not observe a pattern between crime and the origin of people. Father, enclosing ourselves inside fortified walls would only create distance and distrust between us and our people. It will not strengthen our throne.”

“You do have a good point, my son. What do you suppose we should do then? I have heard reports regarding the violence of our people towards the immigrants because of their prosperity in our land. Nevertheless, we cannot ask the immigrants to leave our land by force, because that can create a war between our kingdom and the kingdoms they come from.”

“My father, please lend your ear to my advice, for there’s nothing more I desire than peace in our land. Let us educate all the people of Orr, regardless of occupation and origin, in our language, the arts, the sciences, and our traditions. In this way, all the people will abide by the same rules and conduct themselves in the same way as our people. There will be no more reason for us to fear the immigrants because there will be no difference between us and them, except for our outward appearance, which had never been the cause of any serious issue in the past.”

“That’s a brilliant idea, my son! Why didn’t I think of it sooner! You’re more brilliant than all the Royal Counsellors of my kingdom put together!” The king answered with excitement, then paused for a moment. “There is one small problem though, what of the people who refuse to follow our teachings and abide by the rules we set out?”

“As for the law breakers, we can draw up a list of punishments for various offences, as outlined in the commandments of our fathers. In addition, we need to hire a group of men to reinforce the law and carry out the punishments written. There should not be a distinction between our people and the immigrants to ensure fairness among all the people.”

“Brilliant, my son! Absolutely brilliant! Now I have no doubt that you will become a great ruler of our kingdom, and follow in my footsteps as the great king of Orr. I shall issue a decree at once to put all the things you have suggested into practice. And I shall set you, the future king, as the administrator of the new education and law enforcement systems.”

Prince Onan bowed in reverence. “Yes, my father. It is my honour and duty to be of the utmost service to you and to look after the wellbeing of our people.” He tried to discern the thought of the king, “Father, what of the castle your majesty has planned to construct?”

“Yes, my son, it will be called the Marvelous Castle! Does it not sound more magnificent than all the castles you have heard of?” King Netham answered proudly.

“Yes, father, the Marvelous Castle is indeed a grand name befitting your magnificent kingdom.”

“Well, it is all settled then. Soon, our eyes will behold the most magnificent castle in the whole world.” King Netham was completely absorbed in his thoughts. “Imagine walking down the glorious golden Great Hall and sitting on that resplendent Golden Throne. My son, you were born in a better time than I. I will not have many years left after the construction of the castle, but you will have the rest your life to enjoy its splendour, and the great legacies I will leave behind for you.”

“Father, I understand all you do is for my good and the good of our kingdom, but we cannot go against the commandments of our forefathers.” Prince Onan said plainly.

“My son, I pray that you will understand one day, perhaps on the day you sit on that Glorious Golden Throne to judge our people.” King Netham declared firmly and stood up from his seat abruptly. “It is certainly not a sin to construct a grand luxurious castle for the comfort and protection of the Royal family, whom God has ordained Himself! Why would God smite His chosen king for such a harmless deed?”

“But father, please listen to my voice, your majesty must not…”

King Netham raised his right hand. “This matter has been decided. I do not wish to discuss it further. Now, if you would allow me to attend to other matters.”

“Yes, father. May everything be done as you have decreed.”


In the next ten years, Prince Onan devised and implemented the first formal education system and law enforcement system in the kingdom of Orr. Both adults and children were given the opportunity to attend school to learn the Orrian language, the arts, the sciences, and the traditions of Orr. They learned from their history textbooks all the glorious deeds of the kings of Orr. King Netham was the great king who built the Marvelous Castle and instituted the new education system and law enforcement system. All the people of Orr praised King Netham for his great wisdom and consideration for all the people.

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