Read Prince Ayron

The Prince Ayron series recounts the epic and spiritual journeys of Ayron as he travels through mystical lands to reclaim his father’s kingdom. 

Prince Ayron Book 1 The White Forest

A fallen kingdom, a cursed forest, and a little boy who is destined to save both.

The ancient curse of the Marvellous Castle has befallen the kingdom of Orr. The king’s younger brother sold it to its enemies. Only Prince Ayron, the king’s eldest son, escaped the disaster. He set out alone to seek help from his mother’s people who dwelt in a mystical land.

The legendary Phoenix caught Ayron when he leapt off from a high cliff and brought him to the cursed White Forest. It was a magical forest filled with wonders. The trees offered their greetings and the Songbirds their sweet songs. The Wind and the Crystal Creek befriended him and made him feel at home. But the evil forces of the forest also began their work when they heard the news of him. They lurked in the darkness and waited for their opportunity.

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