Chapter 2 – Part 4

The Kingdom of Orr – 4/5

The construction of the Marvelous Castle took sixteen years to complete, including the exuberant interior decorations and ornate furnishings. It established Orr as the richest kingdom in the world, for no other people could afford to decorate a building of such size with pure gold and precious stones. All the people who dwelt in the kingdom of Orr marveled at its splendour and were proud to be called the citizens of Orr.

When King Netham inspected the Marvelous Castle in all its magnificence, his heart rejoiced. He said to Prince Onan. “Behold, my son, the marvelous design of this architecture, it is an inheritance worthy to be praised! See how it overlooks the entire kingdom atop the Field of Lilanie! No more shall I nor my descendants fear the immigrants who dwell in our land, for they will be under our eyelids. And see how the rocky mountains of Mount Ross protect the Marvelous Castle from behind, and how its fresh springs supply us with water! This is a truly Marvelous Castle that will be to us a strong shield against our enemies in all the surrounding lands.”

Then Prince Onan conducted a complete survey of the Marvelous Castle for his father and took measurements. It was constructed on the west side of the region of Aranie, atop the field of Lilanie, which used to bloom with wildflowers. The moat of the castle was supplied by the Terra River, which flowed from the rocky crags of Mount Ross.

The Marvelous Castle had two layers of curtain walls. The outer one was in the shape of a rounded square, and it was three meters thick and seventeen meters tall, with seventeen watch towers built into it. Fifteen of the towers were twenty meters tall and the twin towers at the centre of the south wall were twenty-five meters tall. The twin towers flanked the passage way of a five-meter wide draw bridge, which becomes a gate when closed. Behind the draw bridge was a cast iron double door containing thousands of sharp iron spikes, and two iron portcullises. Small houses were built along the inside of the outer curtain wall on the east and west side. They were to be occupied by the guards of the watchtowers, the blacksmiths, and their families. The rest of the list was utilized for military training and the forging of weapons, except for the south side where a farm was built near the entrance to keep the military activities out of sight.

The inner curtain wall was constructed in the shape of an octagon containing a twenty-five-meter tall watch tower at each corner. The walls were four meters thick and twenty meters tall, and contained a meter-wide gap in the middle where secret passage ways were built. Two watchtowers near the centre of the south wall spanned a rounded square archway containing two solid oak doors reinforced with cast iron bands. The area inside the curtain wall was used for gardening and livestock farming. It could produce enough food for the occupants of the castle in the event of a siege.

The square keep of the castle stood in the centre of the inner curtain wall. It was coated with pure gold on the outside. Its walls were two meters thick and thirty-five meters tall, with a rounded watch tower at each corner. The north wall was a meter thicker than the rest and contained hidden passages and hideouts. The gold-coated gates were exactly twelve meters tall and opened into the Great Hall, which was filled with elaborate furnishings and ornaments made with gold and precious stones. The arched ceiling was fifteen meters in height and adorned with massive golden chandeliers. The floor was white marble, and the walls were onyx stone. The carpets and tapestry were woven with golden threads and the most luxurious violet yarn. On both sides of the Great Hall were banquet halls with white marble tables.

The rear of the Great Hall ascended into the king’s throne room. The elaborately golden throne shone atop a flight of marble stairs covered in gold embroidered carpet. The glory of the throne was reflected in the large golden mirrors affixed to the surrounding walls. The Royal Dining Hall and the Royal Kitchen were to the east of the Throne Room, and the Royal Chapel was to the west. Each of the rooms had no less splendour than the Great Hall.

The first[1] floor of the keep contained the dormitory of all the kings’ servants, and reception rooms for their guests. The second[2] floor contained the chambers of the king and his household. The King’s Garden was inside an enclosed inner courtyard, accessible only from this floor. On the third[3] floor was the Royal Observatory, the Royal Library, and the Royal Meeting rooms. A large balcony extended from the Royal Observatory and overlooked the entire kingdom of Orr southward. The king made his public appearances there.

There were two levels below the main floor of the keep. The first one was divided into small rooms and used for storage of food, clothing, furniture, and the king’s treasury. The second one was constructed as a dungeon where prisoners were kept.


“Father, everything is in good order and made ready for your majesty.” Prince Onan presented his survey of the Marvelous Castle to his father.

“Well done, my son. The day of my rest has finally come. Now, summon all my household and servants, so that we may spend the rest of our days in peace inside the impenetrable walls of the Marvelous Castle.” Thus King Netham moved into the Marvelous Castle in his old age with his entire household and servants.

The Royal Servants and their families who moved into the Marvelous Castle with the king were the Royal Housekeeper, the Royal Stewards, the Royal Counsellors, the Royal Physicians, the Royal Chefs, the Royal Bakers, the Royal Hairdressers, the Royal Barbers, the Royal Tailors, the Royal Perfumers, the Royal Priests, the Royal Cup Bearers, the Royal Porter, the Royal Cleaners, the Royal Tutors, the Royal Gardeners, and the Royal Farmers. The Royal Guards, the Royal Warriors, and their families dwelt in the houses inside the list.

[1] Second floor in North America

[2] Third floor in North America

[3] Fourth floor in North America


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