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A fantasy adventure for children and adults!
The ancient curse of the Marvellous Castle has befallen the kingdom of Orr. The king’s younger brother sold it to its enemies. Only Prince Ayron, the king’s eldest son, managed to escape the disaster. He sets out alone to seek help from his mother’s people who dwell in a distant land.
Everything that happened after Ayron leapt off the Rock of Prayer seemed like a dream. The legendary Phoenix caught him in midair and brought him to the White Forest, which lay between him and his mother’s native land. He entered into a new world filled with wonders, the trees greeted him warmly and the Songbirds serenaded him with sweet songs. He even became friends with the Wind and the Crystal Creek. But he soon learned a baffling secret, that the White Forest had been waiting for a young prince to lift its curse.
Eager to save his father’s kingdom, Ayron set his heart on passing through the forest as fast as he could. But all his plans fell apart one day, when a small white fox stood in his path and demanded to have his shiny red dagger.
Join Ayron on his journeys to reclaim his father’s kingdom. The White Forest is fast-paced adventure packed with excitement and a sense of humour.

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