Chapter 3 – Part 1

The Fall – 1/6

King Gorion laid back in his seat for a few moments with his eyes closed. He placed the ‘Book of Caution’ on his desk and meditated on the words of Prophet Faibius.

‘Gold and daughters they gave to silence the spell,
But no sacrifice was enough to quell the storm;
Their safe haven became an imprisonment cell,
Upon everlasting spring the darkness swarm.’

“Even though our forefathers did everything in their power to maintain peace, our people resent us as their enemies!” King Gorion spoke out loud to himself. “We have become hermit crabs who hide inside a beautiful shell. Is there really no way to amend this?” Sweat rolled down his forehead and his brows knotted. He pounded the table with his fist and stood up suddenly. “This cursed castle! Why can’t we just tear it down?! Why didn’t King Onan tear it down after his father passed away?!”

“Because he followed the commandments of God and honoured his father.” A deep raspy voice came from the dark shadow behind the half-shut door of the king’s study. “Don’t you remember, my dear brother?”

King Gorion was startled by the voice, but his firm figure did not stir.

“Even though King Netham dishounoured God in nearly everything he did, Prince Onan honoured him as he honoured God. What a dilemma…” A long bony finger tapped the thin upper lip of a withered long face that emerged in the shadow of the doorway. The figure forced its way into the light of the rising sun. “Are you suggesting that we should honour God above our earthly fathers, even if he is the King?”

King Gorion answered in his usual calm deep voice, “Noam, we have scheduled to meet after breakfast. Is there an urgent matter you wish to discuss?”

“My dear brother, must we always be so formal with each other?” Noam strolled leisurely towards King Gorion with his hands behind his back. “I was struck with an urge of brotherly affection when I awoke this morning, and decided to stop by your chamber.”

“Please take no offence to my words, that’s not what I mean at all. I’ve always enjoyed your company, but I’m afraid presently is not the best time as we have a full day ahead of us. I would like to spend some time to meditate on the Words of God before our meeting with the Hermonions. You know full well that they are a rapacious people and we must be careful with our words.” King Gorion sat down in his seat.

“Of course, my dear brother. I know the Hermonions full well, as I have taken the pains to acquaint myself with them on a personal level. I thought of mentioning an important detail to you moments ago, but I shall not force it upon you since you haven’t any precious moments to spare.” Noam glared at King Gorion with his cold blue eyes.

“Is it regarding our meeting with the Hermonions or the arrangements for today?”

“What could possibly be more important than the celebration of the king’s birthday? The Hemonions have sincerely come here to congratulate you. I don’t suppose you suspect anything malevolent with them?”

“Noam, what are you trying to say? Is there something we didn’t talk about last night?” King Gorion was puzzled.

“Are you trying to blame me again for not telling you things when I should have?” Noam’s raspy voice was so dry that he coughed. “Why is it always my fault when we have a disagreement!”

“Noam, please don’t misunderstand me. It’s just that there isn’t much time left to discuss any serious matter before the meeting.” King Gorion stood up to face Noam, who appeared as a shadow standing next to him.

“Haha, of course, your Majesty hasn’t any time for his little brother to discuss important matters. What a fool I was for believing that King Gorion has ever had time for his little brother.” Noam mocked in a cheerful tone, waving his hands about. “Oh, I understand. I fully understand the King’s dilemma.”

“Noam, please don’t take my words the wrong way.”

“Well,” Noam cleared his throat and glanced at the Book of Caution with contempt, “I shall disturb your Majesty no more and leave you in peace with the words of Prophet Faibius.” He floated back to the doorway like a ghost and added monotonously, “In the time of crisis, a foolish King would sacrifice the happiness of his kingdom for himself, but a wise King would sacrifice a scapegoat for the happiness of his kingdom.”

“Noam, no matter what King Netham had done, he is still our forefather and deserves our respect. It is not for us to judge his actions, but God.”

“My dear brother, you shall understand what I mean very soon. I have waited for this day all my life. Hahaha!” Noam’s dry chuckling voice faded into the hallway.

King Gorion continued his meditation. When he saw the next verse in Prophet Faibius’s poem, his heart sank deep within him.

‘Truly the fall of Orr comes with a celebration knell,
The castle shall be captured from within its walls;
Is that day the beginning or the end, none could foretell,
A young prince from the Rock of Prayer falls.’

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