Greenville – A Gem in the South

In recent years, Greenville, South Carolina, USA has not only boomed as a holiday destination, but has also made it to the list as one of the best Cities to live in the USA. I was curious, so I holidayed there to find out.

Even though the Down Town of Greenville is technically only one street.

There’s a lovely park next to that street, with picturesque scenery.

Complete with a beautifully landscaped waterfall.

And lots and lots of pretty flowers.

That would look perfect in any backyard.

It even has a unique suspension bridge. According to the internet, its design is so unique that its one of a kind in the South.

(Look at the view.)

And of course, being in the centre of the bible belt, there’s a church at almost every street corner.

And it has been the home of Bob Jones University, a conservative Christian College, since the seventies.

What surprised me were the vibrant art galleries in the City. I wish I had taken better photos of the shops themselves.

After a few days of pure bliss, my trips came to an end.

Even the view from the airplane was pleasant. It was very ‘Green’ indeed.

Overall, it was certainly an uplifting and unique cultural experience. Coupled with affordable prices in the South and the beautiful weather. I would certainly visit again.

See y’all next time!

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