Chapter 3 – Part 2

The Fall – 2/6

“Quick Jimmy, help me get dressed! It would be a disgrace to be late for my father’s birthday celebration!” Ayron threw off his geese down duvet and leapt out of bed with a jolt. He was clad in a royal blue satin night gown, and brown fur slippers. His chamber was on the second floor of the Marvelous Castle. The two large windows on the south side of the room overlooked the entire kingdom of Orr. The thick purple curtains behind the windows were tied back with golden ropes, so that the warm sunlight poured into the room.

“Yes, your highness!” A humbly dressed boy with a soft complexion and short brown hair rushed into the room. He held a stack of exuberant purple and gold garments atop a golden platter with both hands. “Your garments are here. I was afraid to disturb your highness, so I waited outside.” He laid out the garments on Ayron’s bed and helped his master undress.

“Jimmy, you won’t get in trouble for waking me up in the morning!” Ayron’s pale blond hair glittered under the sunlight. They were both around ten years of age and similar in height. “I told you so many times. I’m a prince, not a monster.”

“Yes, your highness. I’m terribly sorry I didn’t wake you.” Jimmy kept his face down as he wrapped a cream-coloured undergarment around Ayron’s slender body.

“It’s alright, Jimmy. I’m not upset with you. Is everyone waiting for me? I hate being the last one to arrive at breakfast.” Ayron adjusted his undergarments.

“Your highness, please allow me to do the work.” Jimmy answered in a low voice. “I was outside your room the past hour.” He unfolded the deep purple robe and started to dress his young master.

“Did mother call for me?”

“Your highness, I did not speak to anyone this morning. My lady the queen gave me these garments last night.” Jimmy carefully placed a golden sash on his young master’s right shoulder and adjusted it until it was perfect.

“This is very strange! Breakfast is usually at the second hour[1], and mother always woke me in the first hour[2].” Ayron thought out loud.

“Your highness, please forgive me.” Jimmy knelt down in front of his young master. “Your servant does not know the arrangements for today.”

“Jimmy, you don’t need to kneel down to apologize.” Ayron sat down at the edge of his bed. “Could you help me put these lovely boots on?”

“Yes, your highness.” Jimmy carefully slipped a pair of gold gilded brown leather boots onto Ayron’s feet. He made a few more adjustments to his master’s outfit and stood to the side humbly. “Your highness, it is ready.”

Ayron admired himself in his full-length gold mirror from different angles, “What a beautiful robe! I look like a proper prince!” He frowned when he saw his hair, “Jimmy, I’m not pleased with my hair. Could you help me fix it?”

“Yes, your highness.” Jimmy quickly returned with an ivory comb and brushed his master’s hair gently.

Ayron studied himself in the mirror again, “I still don’t like the way my hair looks. Could you make it look better?”

Jimmy’s face turned bright red, and he answered with a shaky voice, “Your highness, I, I, I’m afraid I don’t have the skills. I will call the Royal Hairdresser at once.” He disappeared into the hallway before Ayron could answer him.

“That boy needs to stop being scared of me!” Ayron sighed a boyish sigh and sat down on his bed. He glanced through the large windows and saw the beautiful kingdom of Orr glowing under the sunlight. It looked like a large quilt made with patches of green held together by two thick golden threads. It’s so peaceful today. It’s never been so empty outside the castle on father’s birthday. What happened to the crowd? Why are there so many soldiers inside the curtain wall? They don’t look familiar…

“Good morning, your highness! My lady the queen sent me to bring you word that breakfast is ready.” A primly dressed middle-aged man appeared at the doorway, offering his left arm. “May I have the honour of escorting your highness this morning?”

“Good morning, Mr. Dulles!” Ayron ran to him with excitement, “Has mother been waiting for long?”

“Whether it has been long or not, it is foul manner to keep a lady waiting.” Mr. Dulles was slim and merely a head taller than Ayron. He offered his arm again, “Your highness, let us not allow any delay to get in our way.”

“Please forgive me, Mr. Dulles, but I cannot go like this. Jimmy went to call the Royal Hairdresser. They should be here any minute now.”

“Your highness, you’re the very image of perfection!” Mr. Dulles glanced at Ayron from head to toe quickly and enthusiastically. “I was going to offer your highness the complement on our way. I’m afraid the queen has called you for quite an urgent matter.”

[1] That is 7-8 AM.

[2] That is 6-7 AM.

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