Chapter 3 – Part 3

The Fall – 3/3

“Take me to her then.” Ayron placed his right hand on Mr. Dulles’ arm and kept up with his brisk pace eagerly, “I can’t wait to hear what mother has to tell me. Mr. Dulles, did she prepare a special surprise for father?”

“Your highness! Mr. Dulles!” A deep female voice shouted from behind them, “The prince cannot go to the celebration like this! I must fix his hair…I must!” The voice belonged to a plump lady huffing hysterically to catch her breath. Jimmy followed behind her heels.

“Mrs. Wiggs, I’m afraid the hair dressing has to wait! We will send for you when the prince is ready!” Mr. Dulles shouted back without slowing down.

Mr. Dulles led Ayron past the grand stairs. “Mr. Dulles, aren’t we going to the Great Hall on the ground floor?”

“Your highness, forgive me for the haste. The queen asked for you in her private boudoir for breakfast this morning.” Mr. Dulles led Ayron to the door of the Queen’s chamber and gestured for him to enter.

“Mr. Dulles, am I going to dine with mother alone?”

“Your highness, the queen awaits your presence inside. I shall stand guard here.” Mr. Dulles bowed to Ayron and shut the door behind him.

“Good morning, mother!” Ayron ran towards the queen with a big grin on his face.

“Oh, my handsome boy! How lovely it is to see you!” The queen held him in her arms while seated next to the dining table. Her delicate figure looked majestic in the long purple satin dress embroidered with gold. The golden crown atop her head completed the attire.

“Why are we dining here this morning? Did you…” Ayron noticed a strong figure standing near the window. “Father, you are here too?”

“Keep your voice down.” King Gorion put his index finger to his lips. “These walls have ears.” The king was clothed in a luxurious gold-embroidered purple robe and a large golden crown with jewels.

Ayron dashed to the king and threw himself in his broad chest. He saw agony in his father’s warm blue eyes. “Father, why are we dining here today?”

The king looked at the queen and she answered with a sorrowful smile. Her dark brown eyes flickered in the sunlight.

“Mother, what’s wrong?” The smile on Ayron’s face turned into a frown.

King Gorion held Ayron’s shoulders with his strong hands, and answered with a heavy gaze, “Ayron, a great darkness has fallen upon our kingdom. The light that God has given me is not enough to withstand this darkness.” He looked outside for a moment, then at Ayron again. “But the light that God has placed inside you is greater than the darkness that has overtaken us all.”

Ayron glanced outside then said to the king. “Father, what’s wrong?” He wiped the tears on his father’s face with his boyish hands.

King Gorion continued, “You must learn to understand the light that God has given you, and use it to overcome the darkness that has overtaken us all. I’m afraid you will have to do it on your own because there is no time left for me to teach you.”

“Your father is speaking metaphorically.” The queen stood next to Ayron. “Our kingdom is surrounded by thousands of Hermonion soldiers. Your uncle Noam brought them in. He made an alliance with them.” She wiped her teary eyes.

“The Hermonion soldiers!” Blood rushed to Ayron’s head suddenly. He has always hated the Hermonions. “Is there going to be a battle?”

“No. We have already lost. Noam led the Hermonions inside our castle and surrendered our kingdom.” King Gorion held Ayron’s gaze firmly. “Ayron, the disaster that prophet Faibius spoke of long ago is here. Do you remember the prophesies of the Marvelous Castle, how it would bring about destruction to our kingdom?”

“But, but aren’t prophecies for the future?” Ayron’s body and mind froze.

“That prophesy was written several hundred years ago. We are living in their future. I wish I had prepared you better for this day. You must go away now, to find the light within you.”

Ayron stared at King Gorion, “Father, I don’t understand.”

The queen rubbed Ayron’s back to comfort him. “Ayron, please eat something first.” She took Ayron’s hand and led him to the dining table. It was filled with pastries topped with chocolate, berries, nuts and goat cheese.

Ayron took a few bites and put it down. “Mother, I’m not hungry.”

“But these are your favourite cakes. You need to eat before the journey.” The queen urged Ayron.

“Are you coming with me?” Ayron’s mind finally caught up with the conversation.

“We must stay here, to protect Ayden and our kingdom.” King Gorion answered affectionately.

“Then I will stay with you, to protect you!” Ayron’s voice was firm.

“Ayron, you must go before it’s too late!” The queen said out of desperation.

“No, I would rather die with you!” Ayron’s eyes blurred with tears.

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