Chapter 3 – Part 4

The Fall – 4/6

“Ayron, this is not the time to be stubborn. It is a command!” King Gorion answered.

“Mother, please don’t send me away!” Ayron clung onto the queen and pleaded, “Please don’t send me away! Please! I’ll do anything you ask!”

The queen held Ayron and spoke to him tenderly, “Do you remember the stories I told you about the land of the Zuries?”


“The land of the Zuries is a real place. It’s in the Valley of Lolaville, thousands of miles below our kingdom. My father is the valiant king of the Zuries. You must find him and tell him that our kingdom is in trouble, and ask him for help.”

“But I’ve never met him before…”

“Take that dagger with you. He will know who you are by this.” The queen pointed to a leather belt on her bed. It contained a pouch and a dagger inside. She stood up gently and led Ayron to her bed. “I made these for you with snow silk.” She unfolded a stack of white garments. “They will keep you cool in the heat of day and warm in the coolness of night. They will protect you from arrows and swords. Let me help you change into them.”

Ayron wiped the tears streaming down his cheeks, “Will it take long for me to go to the land of the Zuries?”

“Time will pass by quickly when you’re away from home.” She spoke with her face down, because it was too painful to look into Ayron’s eyes. “These boots will keep your feet dry and this cape will keep you warm at night.” She tied the dagger around Ayron’s waist.

King Gorion knelt in front of Ayron and looked intently into his eyes. “Listen to me carefully. Go to Mount Ross and jump off the Rock of Prayer. Pray to God in your heart for him to save your life from the fall. Take courage and do not be afraid! The God of our fathers will help you!” He tucked a small book inside his robe. “Take good care of this, it will guide you to the light within you.”

Ayron knew it was the sacred book his father often meditated on. “Father, I will come back and save our kingdom!” Just as he was about to put his arms around King Gorion, Mr.Dulles took hold of him and tied a piece of rope around his waist. “Your Highness, we haven’t any time to lose.”

“We shall see each other again at the time appointed by God!” King Gorion planted a gentle kiss on Ayron’s forehead, “Mr. Dulles will take you to the Rock of Prayer. You must be brave after that!” He stepped out of the queen’s chamber and shut the door behind him.

“God be with you, Ayron!” The queen kissed Ayron on his cheeks just as Mr. Dulles climbed out the window.


“Hold on to me tightly, your highness. Wrap your arms and legs around me. And don’t look down.” Mr. Dulles whispered as he moved nimbly downwards along the rope against the wall. Ayron’s heart pounded inside his chest and he shut his eyes tight.

“Your highness, we’re on the ground now.” Mr. Dulles untied Ayron from himself and pointed towards the outer curtain wall, “Do you see that watch tower over there? We’re going to run towards it and climb up the rope hanging from the tower.”

Soon, Ayron found himself outside the walls of the Marvelous Castle, running with Mr. Dulles. It was the first time he saw the fields of Lilanie and Mount Ross up close. He held on to Mr. Dulles’ hand tightly as they dashed across a mint green field dotted with white flowers, which soon turned into a mass of dark red dirt and rocky ground that slanted upwards.

As soon as they stepped onto the dirt ground, Ayron heard a muffled noise in the distance. He saw a legion of grotesque figures with extraordinarily bulky bodies and distorted facial features, flowing toward them like water.

“There are… so many… of them.” Ayron’s heart melted within him.

“Your highness, they’re the Hermonions. They are not exactly what we call a friendly people.” Mr. Dulles answered, “I don’t believe they are humans like us. A mutation must’ve caused them to grow such oversized arms and chest.”

“They don’t…look like us…father said…they have…great strength.” Ayron could barely speak while keeping up with Mr. Dulles.

“Yes, your highness. I’m afraid they are after you, as the prized Royal subject.”

“Me? But I…haven’t…any prize…for them.”

“I’m afraid YOU are the prize, the heir to the Royal Throne.”

“Oh… so they…want the…golden…throne?” Ayron felt a painful soreness in his legs.

“Yes, the golden throne, and the kingdom of Orr with it! Your uncle plotted to take it by force. And he believes YOU are the obstacle after your father.” Mr. Dulles was still speaking normally running at full speed.

“I…can’t…go…on…like…this…” Ayron’s legs stopped moving and he panted heavily. A great thirst surged up to his throat, “I’m…sorry… Mr…Dulles…”

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