Characters in chapters 1-4

Main characters

King Gorion is the king of Orr. He is kindhearted and cares for the well-being of his people. He is married to Queen Nymphna and has two sons, Ayron and Ayden. He is dethroned and exiled by his younger twin brother, Noam, on his 47th birthday.

Noam is King Gorion’s younger twin brother. His jealousy and desire to become king drove him to plot against his own brother. He usurped the throne by betraying his brother into the hands of their enemies, the Hermonions. He also usurped King Gorion’s queen and younger son.

Queen Nymphna is the wife of King Gorion and Queen of Orr. Her father is the King of the Zuries from the Valley of Lolaville. She is endowed with beauty and is a loving mother to her two sons, Ayron and Ayden. She was forced to become the queen of Noam when he took over the kingdom.

Prince Ayron is the main character of the series. He is the older son of King Gorion and crown prince of Orr. He was ten years old when his father’s kingdom was overthrown, and the only one who escaped the disaster. His only purpose was to seek out his mother’s people, the Zuries, for help.

Prince Ayden is the younger son of King Gorion. He was four years old when his father’s kingdom was overthrown. He became the son of Noam and became ‘the Prince of Fire’.

Mr. Dulles is the faithful servant of King Gorion who oversaw the affairs of the king’s household. He was a small, yet nimble man who was capable of many things. He helped Ayron escape by escorting him to the Rock of Prayer and sent him safely on his way to the land of the Zuries.


Supporting characters

King Arkyn is the narrator of the story and the great grandson of Ayron. He sought Ayron in the White Forest to hear his wisdom five months before his coronation.

King Netham was the 23rd king of Orr. He commissioned the construction of the Marvelous Castle because he feared the foreigners who came to dwell in his land.

King Onan was the eldest son of King Netham and the 24th king of Orr. Though he cautioned his father of the impending curse of the Marvelous Castle, he served him faithfully all his life. He instituted the education system and social justice system in the kingdom of Orr.

Prophet Faibius was an ancient prophet of Orr who foretold the curse of the Marvelous Castle.

Jimmy is Ayron’s servant boy in the kingdom of Orr. He was the same age as Ayron, but very timid and humble. 

Mrs. Wiggs is the Royal Hairdresser of King Gorion’s household.

Bimbibom is the Hermonion high official who was sent by the king of the Hermon to be stationed in the kingdom of Orr.

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