Chapter 3 – Part 6

The Fall – 6/6

“You can think of it like that. Now you must go. I will see you off from here.” Mr. Dulles kissed Ayron’s forehead the same way he would his own son. “May the God of your father and your mother protect you on your journey!”

“Please take care of father and mother!” Ayron took a few steps towards the sun, then looked back at Mr. Dulles. The same little man who took care of him for the past ten years. His body froze and emotions welled up inside him. I must be dreaming right now. Today is father’s birthday celebration. When I wake up, I will have a proper breakfast with father and mother, like we always did…

“Your highness, you must go now. Before they come!” Mr. Dulles broke Ayron’s train of thought. He hid in the shadow of the large rock that guarded the entrance of the hidden passageway. Only Ayron knew he was there.

“Mr. Dulles, I will miss you!” Ayron’s heart was torn apart as he hastened towards the sun, but he was too numb to feel the pain. He let his tears blur his vision and drip from his cheeks. Mr. Dulles, I promise to be brave. I promise! Father! Mother! Ayden! I promise to be back as soon I can, I promise! My God, please help me! Please help me!


Ayron paused in his tracks when he was only a few inches away from the edge of the rock. Ahead of him was the clear blue sky decorated with a few white fluffy clouds. Behind him were the pounding steps of the Hermonion army drawing nearer. He knew what he had to do, but he hesitated at the sight below him.

“Do not come any closer, or I’ll jump.” Ayron unsheathed his small dagger and pointed it towards the approaching army. The dagger shone like a brilliant red ruby.

“Your Lordship, be not so cross, we wish only to have word with you!” The commander of the army drew his large blade. His voice was just as grotesque as his figure. He had the form of a large stout man, but parts of his suntanned skin formed scabs, like the scales of a fish. He wore a dark burgundy robe of rough linen. The army behind him had a similar appearance and were clothed in potato sacks.

“Don’t come any closer!” Ayron let out a thundering voice with all his strength. “Stay where you are!” His white garments blended in with the clouds as he shifted his heels to the very edge of the cliff.

“Your Lordship, you are Prince of our kingdom!” The commander of the army answered disdainfully. “We are servants of your king! Therefore, we are servants of you!” He turned around to the grotesque figures behind him and shouted. “Do him no harm! This boy our prince!” Then he lowered his voice and added in the language of the Hermonions. “We need to catch him alive. There’s very little reward for a dead Prince.”

“And who is your king?” Ayron inquired. Though he understood the language of the Hermonions.

“Our king is the great king of kingdom of Orr, the king he sits on the golden throne this day. It is King Gorion your father, of course!” The commander of the army scoffed.

“My father would never send anyone to capture me!” Ayron stared at the grotesque figures with hatred.

“Your Lordship! Our Prince! You say capture?” The commander of the army looked around at his soldiers. “Oh, no, no, no. We not here to capture your Lordship. We want to bring you back to Marvelous Castle. Give me your hand and I bring you back to safety.” He reached his oversized left hand covered in thick callouses towards Ayron. “Your Lordship must stay away from danger cliff! We no want to see your foot slip. Now, give me your hand.” He coaxed Ayron like a helpless puppy.

“No! You’re lying! Stay back!” Ayron leaned back to dodge the grotesque hand reaching towards him. His right foot slipped off the edge and his whole body went with it. “Ahhh!”

“Come back here! You little …!” The commander of the army missed the tip of Ayron’s cape by a millimetre. “Idiots! You all idiots! Bring him back!” He broke into a rampage and swung his sword at his army and shouted in the tongue of the Hermonions, “Don’t let that little bastard get away! Why are you all standing there? You are all useless idiots! All of you! Go fetch the boy! Fetch the boy!” He grabbed a few of them by the collar and threw them over the cliff.

Suddenly, a pillar of intense red light, as bright as the sun, shot upwards from underneath the cliff. “Ahhhh! My eyes!” “What was that!” “Ahhhh!” Many of the soldiers collapsed on the spot, grabbing their faces in pain.

“What’s the matter with all you bloody idiots! It’s just the bloody sun!” The commander of the army waved his large blade as he cursed his soldiers writhing in pain. The heavy blade fell with a thump as soon as he turned around. “Ahhhhh! That bloody light! My eyes! My eyes!” He skipped around screaming.

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