Chapter 4 – Part 1

The King’s Celebration – 1/6

King Gorion returned to the queen’s chamber quietly. He sat down next to her fragile figure bent over the couch, her face buried inside a pillow. He caressed her back gently. “My Queen, I bear you good news. Ayron is safely on his way.”

The Queen sat up and clung onto King Gorion helplessly, “We’ll never see him again! My darling boy! We’ll never see him again.” Tears flowed from her eyes like a fresh stream.

King Gorion wrapped his arms around her shoulders. “Please do not let despair overtake you. Do you remember the words of Prophet Faibius? Ayron will return to us unharmed, with thousands of valiant soldiers.”

“Your Majesty, I believe in God and His Prophets with all my heart.” The Queen sobbed. “But one day in the Valley of Lolaville is like a year in the rest of the world. We will be in our graves by the time he returns. What good would that be for us?”

“My dearest Nymphna, the passage of time in Lolaville is but a legend, for no more than three months passed when I sojourned there.”

“It takes more than a month for a soldier to run an errand to the Valley of Lolaville by the shortest route. Ayron neither knows the way, nor has he travelled long distances before. I cannot bear the thought of him being torn to pieces by a wild beast!”

“Please, do not lose sight of hope, for God is able to do all things at His will.” King Gorion looked at the Queen tenderly. “Behold, Ayden is still with us, we have not lost everything.”

“But what of Ayden? Would he grow up happy and healthy with Noam on the throne?” The queen answered bitterly. “My boys, my poor boys! How I wish I could take their place and endure their pain.”

“Such is their destiny as determine by God long ago. These hardships will build up their faith in God and develop their character.” King Gorion held the queen’s hands in his and gazed into her eyes with sorrow. “I only wish I could have given you a better life here. Your father was right, it would have been better for you to have stayed with him.”

“No, my King.” The queen put her index finger to King Gorion’s lips softly, “Please do not allow those words to grace your majesty’s lips. The days I have spent with you have been the happiest time of my life!”

King Gorion held the queen’s hands to his face and kissed them, then declared in a serious tone. “My fair Nymphna, the Princess of the Zuries, I swear to you in the name of God that Ayron shall sit on my throne one day as the king of Orr.”

“Who’s there?” The King and Queen were alarmed by a loud knocking sound at the door.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything…” The door of the Queen’s chamber flung open and Noam’s scrawny body appeared, scarcely bearing the weight of his elaborate royal robe.

Mr. Dulles followed after him. “Your highness, please allow me to announce your arrival to the King.”

“There’s no need for that, I am the King’s brother!” Noam lifted his voice and strode towards the King and Queen seated on the bed.

King Gorion held the Queen in the protection of his arms. “Noam, need I remind you that it is a great offence to enter the queen’s chamber without permission.”

“Yes, my dear brother, I’m fully aware of the laws of our kingdom.” Noam sneered.

“Then why do you still commit such an offence?”

“Why? It’s because we are family, my dear brother! It’s because we’re related by flesh and blood and not by the laws of our kingdom! Why is it that you mention the law against me every time I commit a small offence? You have never considered me as a brother, but as one of your unfaithful servants, like this one.” Noam glanced at Mr. Dulles.

“Noam, you must understand that we are part of the Royal Family and have been endowed with special responsibilities. We must not abuse our privileges and use them for the benefit of our people.” King Gorion explained patiently. “We must abide by the same laws, which have been set up for all our people…”

“Oh, my dear brother, don’t repeat that speech again!” Noam’s face turned red with fury. “I’ve heard it a million times over in the past forty-six years and despised it! Since the day we were born, I had to live under your shadow because you were older than me. Ten minutes made a whole world of difference and determined who was right and who was wrong!” He glared at King Gorion viciously. “But everything is going to change today, on my birthday!”

“Please calm yourself, there is no need to get angry over the things which are outside of our control.” King Gorion answered calmly, but when he saw the scroll in Noam’s right hand, his heart skipped a beat. “Noam, what have you come for?”

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