Chapter 4 – Part 2

The King’s Celebration – 2/6

“Oh, my dear brother, now you ask the right question.” Noam’s anger turned into a satisfactory grin, his thin lips became a line under his grey moustache. “I have come to arrest you, for the offence of high treason, and the murder of Prince Ayron, the heir to the Royal Throne.” He unrolled the gold embroidered silk scroll in his right hand, revealing the words written in black ink. “This trustworthy servant of yours has reported to me you commanded Ayron to jump off the Rock of Prayer to take his own life. Is that true?”

“Mr. Dulles?” King Gorion glanced at Mr. Dulles in bewilderment and rose from the Queen’s bed. “I did ask Ayron to jump off the Rock of Prayer, but I did not ask him to take his own life. What else did this trustworthy servant of mine reveal to you?”

“My dear brother, let us not argue over fine details, which have little pertinence to the outcome of the matter.” Noam glanced at Mr. Dulles, who stood next to him quietly with his head down. “He also told me that you made up a rather peculiar story, that Ayron would be saved by a mythical creature when he jumps off the Rock of Prayer.” He scratched his balding head with his knobby index finger, then pointed it at King Gorion. “Do you take all of us for naïve children like your son, your majesty? Now your eldest son Ayron is dead, and YOU are the murderer!” He screamed in his brother’s face.

King Gorion was not disturbed by his brother’s foul manners. “Have you any proof of Ayron’s death?”

“Proof? Proof? Proof! Hahahahahahahahahaha!” Noam laughed hysterically, revealing his crooked and discoloured teeth. “To ask for proof of the death of one who has fallen from the Rock of Prayer is same as asking for proof that the sun still exists on a rainy day! Do you really think me foolish enough to send troops down the Cliff of Death to search for a dead body? Have you lost your mind?”

“Are you saying that you don’t have proof that Ayron is dead then?”

“It is a FACT that anyone who falls into the Cliff of Death is dead! There is no need to prove that in the courts of our kingdom, even the foolish commoners have such knowledge!”

“Very well, then. We shall settle this matter in court. What of high treason are you accusing me of?”

“You have betrayed our kingdom into the hands of our enemy, the Hermonions. Have you not been informed that the Hermonion armies have entered the outer curtain wall and surrounded our castle?”

King Gorion’s body shivered, but he held his composure. He gazed into the icy eyes of his brother. “Noam, why have you let the Hermonions into our castle? Why have you plotted this exceedingly treacherous deed against me?”

“You have finally solved the mystery!” Noam mocked. “I’m afraid you were a few steps too slow. Do you think the people are going to believe what you tell them? Everyone knows that only the king has the power to open and close the gate of the Marvelous Castle.”

“It is a small matter for you to take away the throne from me, or even execute my family, but why have you brought this great disaster upon our people?”

“My dear brother, I would certainly not use such strong words if I were you. Have you any proof of my exceedingly treacherous deed?” Noam growled in anger. “In fact, I have made an exceedingly wise decision for our people and our kingdom. You know very well that we are no match for the Hermonions when it comes to military power. They have already taken control of many kingdoms in the north and we are their next target. We would only become a kingdom of corpses if we fought with them! Do you not understand that it is much better for us to submit under their rule than to resist!”

“Noam, I understand your fear of the Hermonion people, but we have a well-trained army prepared for this very battle. The Marvelous Castle is impenetrable and can hold up under siege for months.” King Gorion reasoned with Noam. “We must not surrender our kingdom into their hands. They will make our people their slaves! Let’s talk about this matter sensibly. I will not count your crime against you on this day, for it is the Day of Forgiveness.”

“Do you have time to speak with me now, my dear brother, after I have captured your kingdom and castle with a foreign army? If you insist, then let us negotiate and reach terms that would be of benefit to BOTH of us!” He raised one of his thin grey eyebrows and glanced over at the Queen and Mr. Dulles. “However, I’m afraid this conversation would not be fitting for the ears of women and servants.”

“Let’s go to my study then, we can speak there without disturbance.”

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