Chapter 4 – Part 6

The King’s Celebration – 6/6

After a very long pause, Noam stood up from his golden throne and continued in the most solemn tone, “Queen Nymphna and Prince Ayden are to be regarded as they had always been, but in even higher honour. Queen Nymphna shall henceforth be called the Fair Queen of Orr, and never by her forename. Prince Ayden shall henceforth be called the crown Prince of Orr, the Prince of Fire, and never by his forename.”

Noam was intent on wiping out the memory of King Gorion from the history of Orr. “The name of King Gorion is never to be uttered in the kingdom of Orr from this day forth, for it shall be regarded as high treason and punished as such. Guards! Take away the criminal from my presence.”

Ayden dashed towards King Gorion and cried, “Father, where are you going!”

The Queen caught Ayden and said to him in a low voice, “Ayden, father must leave for a time, he will come back soon.”

“No, I want father! I want father!” Ayden struggled to break free from the Queen’s hold while the guards tied up King Gorion and took him inside the castle. He suddenly remembered something important and turned around to face his mother, “Where is Ayron? I want to see Ayron!”

Noam glided over to Ayden and said with a coaxing smile, “Have you not been told what happened to your brother Ayron? It is very sad indeed.”

“I want to see my brother. I want to see Ayron!” Ayden screamed in Noam’s face.

“I’m afraid he’s no longer with us, my little one. But there’s no need to be sad, because your new daddy will be here to protect you and mommy.” Noam pointed to himself with his gnarly fingers.

“Daddy is not here! Daddy left! I want daddy! I want Ayron!” He punched Noam in the face with his chubby fists.

“Take him away at once, my Fair Queen.” Noam rubbed his face in shock, “A child in tantrum is not fitting for the crowning celebration of a new king. He may return when he learns to behave better.” He caressed the queen’s hair and kissed her awkwardly on the cheek.

“Come darling, let’s go to my chamber!” The Queen cursed Noam in her heart, but obeyed with her actions. She picked up Ayden without a word and made her way inside the castle.

Noam faced the people again and continued with his speech, “Every family has its woes, and mine is no exception. Today is truly a grievous day for the Royal Family, with sorrow upon sorrow. The third announcement is that our beloved crown Prince, Prince Ayron, is no longer with us. His innocent and naïve heart was deceived by his very own father who incited him to jump off the Rock of Prayer this morning. Oh, may that poor child’s soul rest in peace!” The people moaned with indignation and some even shouted, “Long live Prince Ayron!”

“We shall mourn the death of our Royal Prince for seven days as commanded in our Law, but commencing tomorrow. For today shall be a day of celebration and rejoicing, because of your new king and kingdom.” The expression on Noam’s face shifted instantly from sorrow to joy. “From this day forward, the kingdom of Orr shall be a member of the Hermon Empire, the most powerful Empire in the whole world!”

“As citizens of the most powerful Empire of the world, you will have the right to live and carry out business within all the kingdoms of the Hermon Empire. Of course, citizens from all other kingdoms of the Hermon Empire will also have equal rights to live and trade in our kingdom. Let us welcome the future of our kingdom as part of the Hermon Empire! The kingdom of Orr will become even more prosperous and peaceful than it has ever been!” Noam’s speech pleased the people, and they cheered in unison.

“My beloved citizens of Orr, look at the Hermonion soldiers in your midst! Let us welcome them with open arms who have come to dwell with us in peace! They will be part of the justice system of Orr from now on and protect us from the threats coming from the rest of the world!” Noam pointed his palm at the Hermonion high official and announced proudly, “Allow me to introduce the High Official of Hermon, Bimbibom, who has been appointed the Governor General over all the regions of Orr.”

Bimbibom stepped forward and waved to the crowd awkwardly, but few people noticed the nervous smile on his face because they marvelled at his size. Noam patted him on the back and continued, “I, the king of Orr, command you all, the citizens of Orr, to treat the Hermonions with respect and generosity, as you would like to be treated in a foreign land. From this day forth, the people of Orr and the people of Hermon shall be one people! Let us welcome the Hermonions!”

“Welcome! Hermonions! Welcome! Hermonions! Welcome! Hermonions! Welcome! Hermonions!” The people chanted in unison as they looked upon the Hermonion high official with awe. Most of them were so excited about their new king and becoming a citizen of the Hermon Empire that they never thought about King Gorion again. They partied with the Hermonions until sunset and each one went home merry with meat and wine.

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