Chapter 5 – Part 2

Protector of the Zuries – 2/4

“That is only a myth. No man has ever returned from the Field of Ecstasy alive.”

“But if it’s only a myth, why do people still go there?”

“Men are always seeking what they do not have and despise what they do have. The Serpent deceived Adam and Eve by offering them what they already had through what they were not allowed to have.” The Phoenix explained. “God had already given them eternal life before they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”

“My father told me that the people who do good will go to Heaven after they die, and those who do evil will go to Hell.”

“Your father is right. When a person dies, his fleshly body expires and his Spirit will depart and go to the place God has prepared for it. Those who love God will dwell with Him in Eternity and those who hate God will dwell in Darkness.”

“If that’s the case, why do people still do evil? Aren’t they afraid of going to Hell?”

“My Prince, you must understand that not all men were made to dwell with God in Eternity. Some of them prefer the deeds of Darkness over the deeds of Light, and they despise the Truth. They have given themselves over to Satan and his works.”

“That is very sad.” Ayron glanced downwards, “Why is everything white on the ground? Did it snow here?”

“This area is too warm for snow.” The Phoenix smiled. “The Field of Ecstasy used to be golden and the ponds were the colour of fresh spring. Everything has turned white since the curse, and the Emerald Forest became the White Forest.”

“The White Forest?”

“It’s just yonder, ahead of us. It’s hard to see the trees inside the forest, because everything is white. There has not been any birth, but only death. If the curse doesn’t get lifted soon, the forest will die with all its inhabitants.”

“What is the curse of the White Forest?” All the hairs on Ayron’s back stood up. This is more exciting than all the books I’ve read.

“It is a rather long story, my Prince.”

“Please tell me, gentle Phoenix.”

“As you wish, my Prince.” The Phoenix let out a gentle sigh and cleared her throat. “The eldest son of King Rollan, Gorman, was a valiant warrior and hunter in the land of the Zuries. He fought many battles for his father and won them all. But he refused to inherit the crown because he loved roaming the wilderness more than ruling his people. He passed on his crown to his younger brother, Rurek, and spent his days hunting in the wilderness. He hunted all kinds of beasts in all the lands of the Zuries, from the Valley of Lolaville to the Bearinton Mountains. His wife, Zylina, was of one heart with him and followed him all the days of her life. The people respected them because they protected them from the wild beasts and their enemies.”

“At that time, God consecrated the Emerald Forest and forbade men to enter it. Gorman and his wife, however, set their hearts on it because they grew bored of all the land of the Zuries. He said to his father, ‘Father, I have tread upon all the lands of the Zuries, from the Valley of Lollavile to the Bearinton Mountains. I know every inch of our land by heart. And I have protected our people from the wild beasts and our enemies all the days of my life. Please give me permission to explore the Emerald Forest also, the land which God has kept from us. For how do we know for certain that there are no ravenous beasts lurking inside the forest, which could one day rise up and destroy us all?’”

“King Rollan answered, ‘My son, I can see that you have set your heart firmly on entering the Emerald Forest, even though I have warned you many times of the severe punishments of trespassing holy ground. Therefore, swear to me that you alone will bear the punishments of this deed you have set your heart to do.’

“‘I swear to you, father. I alone shall bear the punishments of my deeds.’ Thus Gorman and his wife forced their way into the Emerald Forest. They killed the creatures that guarded the entrance to the forest with diamond arrows, which could pierce through any metal. They tread the forest on their wild horses and hunted the wild beasts for game. The creatures of the forest were appalled at their behaviour and complained to God.”

“God was angry with Gorman and his wife. He sent an Angel to speak to them. ‘Gorman and Zylina, what have you done? Did you not know that the Emerald Forest is forbidden ground? Did not God give you all the wild beasts in the Valley of Lollavile and the Bearinton Mountains? Why then did you come into the Emerald Forest and bring harm upon the creatures here? What have they done to you? Therefore, God’s anger burns against you and your wife for the ruthless deeds you have committed.’”

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