The Legend of Prince Ayron is coming in May 2018!

Hi everyone,
I have some exciting news for everyone who enjoys reading fantasy novels. The first book of the Legend of Prince Ayron, The White Forest is coming in May 2018!
The Legend of Prince Ayron (LOPA) is a new fantasy adventure series for all ages. Prince Ayron is the eldest son of the king of Orr, whose kingdom was betrayed into the hands of its enemies. He was the only one who escaped the disaster. Armed only with a mystical dagger and a sacred book, he set off to seek help from distant relatives.
LOPA is a tale about unwavering faith, unrelenting hope, and unquenchable love. And how the courage and kindness of a young boy conquered the darkness that overtook his world. It’s a timeless tale that will transform the way you see the world.
What are you waiting for? Join Ayron on his unforgettable adventures.
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