The White Forest

Ever wondered why the white forest is white? It’s not because of snow, it’s never cold enough to snow in the White Forest. It’s white because of a curse.

Here’s an excerpt from the book of when Ayron first entered the White Forest.

“Ayron forgot all his troubles as soon as he stepped inside the White Forest. It looked like a sleeping maiden clothed in garments of virgin wool. Wherever the sunlight touched, its true colours shimmered underneath the pale translucent garments. Tints of green, yellow, red, pink, blue, purple and brown reflected all around him. This must be another dream! The best one so far. He looked up and down, to his left and right. Wherever he turned, his eyes were satisfied with wonders.

The ground was covered with velvety grass and dry leaves were speckled with dainty flowers. He took off his boots and walked around with bare feet. The grass was cottony soft and the leaves made a crunching sound. This is a lot more fun than the carpets at home! He stood next to an ancient oak tree and admired its enormous size. He ran his fingers along the deep grooves of its massive trunk and savoured the refreshing aroma that seeped through. The tall branches of the oak trees reached towards the Heavens and its lush foliage formed a never-ending canopy high above. Strings of snowflakes draped from the knobby branches like hanging moss. These must be the snow mushrooms. They are everywhere! He snapped off a small flake and placed it in his mouth. Hmm, it’s sweet like banana, but juicier. He gobbled down the rest in his hands and reached for more.

When his hunger was satisfied, thirst surged up. He followed the faint burbling sound and found a clear stream behind a grove. The surface of the water glistened like clear crystal under the sunlight. This must be the Crystal Creek. I can see the white rocks at the bottom. They are so beautiful! A few small fish swam by and glanced at Ayron. He knelt at the edge of the creek and drank with cupped hands. This is the sweetest water I’ve ever tasted. The cool water refreshed his mind. Oh, is that me? He saw his own reflection in the waters, and his white robe blended seamlessly with the paleness around him. I’m the same colour as this forest, perhaps it’ll like me. He skipped along the Crystal Creek and expressed his joy with singing.” (page , chapter 8.)

As you can see, the White Forest is actually a pleasant place to be.
What’s the curse of the White Forest then? You may ask. It’s quite a long story, so you’ll have to read the book to find out. Check out chapter 7 in particular.

Who are the Great Oaks?

They are the proud inhabitants of the White Forest. They are very old and great in size (yes, even the young ones). Unlike other trees, which are only found in certain parts of the forest, they can be found throughout the forest. They have a southern accent and love to help others. Ayron often slept at their roots for protection.

“Oh, nothin’ ever changes around here!” Obed Oak said with a grin.

“We are just the good ol’ Oaks mindin’ our own business. Lovin’ our home, lovin’ our neighbours, and praisin’ God!” Oded Oak added enthusiastically.

“That’s right, the same ol’ day after day. That’s the good ol’ life of a good ol’ Oak!” Obed Oak agreed with a hearty laugh.” (Page 238, chapter 29.)

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