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Do you enjoy epic fantasy and adventure? Are you a child at heart? Are you yearning for inner growth?
Then why not give “The White Forest” a try? It’s the first book of the Legend of Prince Ayron series. It’s a brand new fantasy adventure with a Christian theme. Much like the chronicles of Narnia, it’s set in an alternate world. Prince Ayron is the crown prince of Orr and heir to the throne. Of course, that is until his evil uncle decided to overthrow his father’s reign, and Ayron barely escaped. Armed with only a mystical dagger and sacred book, he set off on the journey alone.
The Legend of Prince Ayron is a timeless tale about unwavering faith and unquenchable love. And how the courage and kindness of a young boy conquered the darkness that overtook his world.
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Excerpt from Chapter 6

“Jimmy, could you please close the window?” A chilly breeze brushed against Ayron’s face. He was afraid to open his eyes, so he pictured his room in his mind. It must be midday by now, judging by the brightness of the sun. Why has no one come to get me yet? Perhaps Jimmy didn’t hear me. He raised his voice and called again, “Jimmy, are you there? Could you please close the window?”

“My name is not Jimmy!” A voice thundered beneath him. “I am called the Phoenix, the protector of the Zuries.”

Ayron jolted out of his warm bed. “What?” He opened his eyes abruptly and saw a bright orange fire surrounding him and fluffy white clouds moving next to him. What’s going on? I’m sitting on top of a giant burning flame in the sky? Is this another dream? “Did you say you were called the Phoenix? The kind that’s found in storybooks?”

“Hahahahaha!” The Phoenix let out a laugh like a rumbling thunder. “So people think I live in storybooks now.”

“But you can’t be real! This is a dream.”

“This is certainly not a dream! You fell from a great height and I was summoned to save you.”

“You heard my prayer?” Ayron couldn’t believe it.

“No, the Firestone on your dagger called out to me.”

“The Firestone?” Ayron glanced at the dagger sitting in its leather sheath. “But stones can’t speak.”

“Of course they can!” The Phoenix chuckled. “The stones on the mountains sing praises to God all day long! This one is special though, it’s made from the same piece of sun dust as me.”

“What? Sun dust?”

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