Notable Places

Just like the world we live in, there are many important places where Ayron lives in. Here are some notable places in and around the land of Orr (the birth place of Ayron). Please refer to the map of Orr for better visualization. 🙂

The land of Orr was a wild forest excavated by the first leader of Orr. It’s watered abundantly by two rivers, the Terra River and the Ring River. These two rivers divide the land into thirteen regions: Zeltz, Ouro, Aranie, Urea, Gula, Okaro, Galie, Koura, Aurie, Wuruse, Zahava, Vena, and Deheva.
The Marvelous Castle is the most beautiful and luxurious castle in the world. It is coated with pure gold on the outside and furnished with onyx and marble on the inside. It was built by King Netham and all the king’s household has dwelt there since.
Field of Lilanie is in the region of Aranie and where the Marvelous Castle is built. It used to be a green field filled with beautiful wild flowers.

Rock of prayer is a piece of large rock that juts out from the rocky mountains to the north of the land of Orr. The ancient kings of Orr went there to pray and God heard their prayers. It is also the place where Ayron leapt off when he escaped from the Hermonion soldiers.
The Cliff of Death is located on the eastern border of the land of Orr. It is a cliff that drops down hundreds of miles below into the Pearl Sea and the Field of Ecstasy. No one has gone down there and come back alive, except for King Gorion who returned with Queen Nymphna.
Field of Ecstasy is a marshland to the east of the land of Orr, below the Cliff of Death. It is a wasteland uninhabited by men.
Pearl Sea is a body of salt water disconnected from the main ocean. Its waters look like millions of sparkling white pearls, hence its name.
The White Forest lies to the south east of the land of Orr, hundreds of miles below. It is directly south of the Field of Ecstasy and north of the Bearinton Mountains. It used to be a lush forest full of life, but now it wears the garment of winter and lies in deep slumber. It was cursed because of the transgression of Gorman, a prince of the Zuries. It awaits the coming of a young boy to lift its curse.
The Bearinton Mountains are a group of high mountains to the south of the White Forest and north of the Valley of Lolaville. The Forsaken Castle is built on its highest peak and the sage of the Zuries lives there.
Valley of Lolaville is a bountiful land to the south of the Bearinton Mountains where the people of the Zuries dwell. It is a legend to the rest of the world because it is completely isolated. The Zuries are rumoured to live for hundreds of years and among mythical creatures.


Want to learn more about the Legend of Prince Ayron? You can read Book 1 The White Forest here.

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