5 Reasons Why You Should Read the Legend of Prince Ayron

Are you a hardcore fantasy fan, looking for the next Narnia, Harry Potter, or LOTR? Why not give the Legend of Prince Ayron a try?
It takes you to a different world. Like Narnia and Middle-earth, the land of Orr is also full of wonders. How about a castle coated with pure gold, and a cursed forest with talking trees and singing birds. Did I mention that the stars and the moon can also talk and sing?
It’s epic. Looking for breathtaking scenery, battles, castles, curses, prophesies, cool weapons, princes, kingdoms, dragons, and everything else epic? You’ll find them all in this series. Of course, there are also centaurs and nymphs.
An adventure for all ages. The main character is a young prince. He’s only 10 years old when his father’s kingdom falls into danger. Armed with a mystical dagger and sacred book, he sets out alone to muster an army. It starts out as a children’s story, and he grows up as the series progresses.
Unusual villains. The villains in our lives can take on many forms. That’s exactly what happens in the Legend of Prince Ayron. Ayron’s uncle is ugly and wicked. The Hermonion soldiers are genetically mutated freaks. However, the main villain of book 1 is a beautiful tree nymph. Yes, you heard that right, beauty can be deceptive.
Book 1 is free for a limited time. It’s free because AC Publishing wants to get the word out. You can read for free on our website: www.aviyacarmen.com/books/contents. There are only a few small things you’d have to do to unlock all the chapters. But it’s worth it, right? If you want a free ebook, you could become a reviewer, start here.
We look forward to seeing you in the White Forest! 🙂

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