Happy Mother’s Day! :)

Happy Mother’s Day from the World of Prince Ayron!
Mothers nurture us from the beginning, from the moment we are small and fragile in the womb. The bond is truly remarkable! Whether you have a mom or a guardian or a truly special friend, or all three, let’s give love to those who love us, not only on Mother’s Day but on every day of our lives! 🙂

For Prince Ayron, he was only 10 years old when his father’s kingdom fell into danger, and he had to escape by himself. His mother prepared him for the journey, and feared the worst.

Excerpt from Chapter 1, pp. 12-13

“Ayron, come and have some breakfast.” The queen held her tears back. She took Ayron’s hand and led him to the dining table. It was full of silver platters with pastries filled with chocolates, berries, nuts and cheese.

Ayron took a few bites from a chocolate cake and put it down. He stared at the silver platters and didn’t say a word.

“Aren’t these your favourite? I asked the chef to make them especially for you.” The queen ran her fingers through Ayron’s hair. “You need to eat something before your journey.”

“Where are we going?”

The queen held Ayron in her breast and said tenderly, “do you remember the stories I told you about the Zuries?”


“They are a real people and live in the Valley of Lolaville, hundreds of miles below our kingdom. My father is the valiant king of the Zuries. You must find him and tell him that our kingdom is in trouble, and ask him to come and help us.”

Excerpt from Chapter 3, p. 27

“My dearest Nymphna, the passage of time in the Valley of Lolaville is but a legend, for no more than three months passed while I stayed there with you.”

“My king, it takes more than a month for a well-trained soldier to go there by the shortest route. But Ayron doesn’t know the way, neither has he ever travelled alone. I can’t help but imagine the worst of him…”

“Come, do not lose sight of hope, for God is able to do all things.” King Gorion looked at the queen tenderly. “Behold, Ayden is still with us, we haven’t lost everything.”

“But what of Ayden? Will his life be free from trouble with Noam on the throne?” The queen answered bitterly. “My boys, my poor boys. I wish I could take their place and endure their pain.”

Let us thank God for all the loving mothers in our lives! 🙂
If you liked what you read, click here to join Ayron on his adventures.
See you there!

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