FAQs – The Legend of Prince Ayron

Are you wondering what the Legend of Prince Ayron is about?
It’s more than just an epic title! You’ll find some interesting facts about the book and the author on our FAQ page.

Q: What genre is the Legend of Prince Ayron (LOPA) series?

A: The LOPA series doesn’t fit neatly into any well known genres, but contains elements from various genres. It’s mainly a combination of adventure, epic fantasy, and transformational fiction.


Q: Is the LOPA series written for children, middle grade, young adults (YA), or adults?

A: The LOPA series is written for people of all ages. In the first book, Ayron is 10 years old and grows up as the series progresses. Even though the main character is a young boy, his experiences are not limited to a typical young boy. In other words, people of all ages can identify with him in one way or another and can fully enjoy his adventures with him. However, very young children are recommended to be read to.


Q: How many books are there in the LOPA series? When are they coming out?

A: There are more than 10 books planned for the series so far, but the exact number has not been decided yet. The plan is to roll out one book per year. For each book, there will also be a shorter companion book released in the same year that contains a backstory about a certain place(s) or character(s).

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If your question is not answered on the FAQs page, you can always ask us here.
And did I mention that you can read the first seven chapters of the book absolutely free! Click here to start reading.
See you at the White Forest! 🙂

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