The magic behind Laura Laurel

So who is Laura Laurel? And what’s her magic?

Well, Laura Laurel is the soul of an ancient laurel tree who lives inside the White Forest. She’s also the antagonist of ‘The White Forest’, the first book of the Legend of Prince Ayron series. She is the one who convinced all her laurel tree sisters to trap Ayron inside their territory so they could keep him with them forever
And I’m sorry to disappoint you, but she actually doesn’t have any magical powers, except that when she died, her soul came out of her ancient tree and she looked so radiant that she looked magical. And the green flame in her hand, that’s her soul. Here’s an excerpt from the book (p. 226-227).

“My darling sisters, there’s no need to waste your pity on me. I’m the one who should be paying for all our offences.” Laura Laurel appeared amongst the laurel sisters, wearing a deep emerald-green dress and a cape woven with fresh laurel leaves. Her dark-brown hair was worn in exquisite braids and draped below her thighs. It was adorned with delicate pink laurel flowers.

She looked into Ayron’s emerald green eyes with her own. “I shouldn’t have allowed hatred and resentment to take control of me when the Emerald Forest was overtaken by the curse.”

“Laura!” The twelve laurel sisters bowed towards her. “Please forgive us for revealing the secret of our Sacred Sisterhood to our Prince.”

“My darling sisters, I should be the one asking for forgiveness this time, for all the sorrow and pain I have caused you. Do allow me to speak a few words with our Prince alone.” Laura waved her hand in the most graceful way and strode towards Ayron.

“Laura?” Ayron couldn’t believe that this graceful creature was also the same selfish and stubborn soul who brought God’s wrath upon all the laurel trees.

“My dear Prince, please excuse my worn-out appearance. I’m afraid Time has not been gentle with me, but there’s no use in complaining about the things which have been lost.” She fixed parts of her hair, which already looked perfect.

“I, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone more beautiful than you.” Ayron was completely dazzled by her beauty.

My drawing process
I also wanted to share with you the basic process of how I created this illustration. I always start with a pencil drawing, then replace the outline with coloured pencils. Afterwards, I start to colour in the details with watercolour pencils bit by bit, and this is the longest and most labour-intensive part of a drawing. And afterwards, I finish off the drawing with a matching background, this part can take quite some time too. It usually takes me between 2-4 weeks (sometimes more) to finish a drawing, depending on the size and complexity of the drawing. So there you have it.
Moral of the story: The ‘magic’ in art basically boils down to hard work and patience. And with lots of practice, you can do it too!

If you’re curious about ‘The White Forest’, you can read the synopsis here, and enjoy a free sample here.
Until next time!

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