October news – New book series, Wattpad, Lorehaven magazine review

Hello everyone,
It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I’ve been busy working on a new series called ‘The Intellectuals”. It’s a sci-fi fantasy romance for young adult and new adult readers. It’s quite a different genre from Prince Ayron but it’s no less exciting.
Secondly, a review of my first book ‘The White Forest’ is now in the Lorehaven magazine. I was so excited when I heard (actually read) the news! This was such a privilege and honour and the first milestone of my career. Thank you for all your support! It means a lot to me. The Lorehaven magazine can be accessed online at: http://lorehaven.com/lorehaven-magazine/.


Lorehaven Magazine reviews Christian-made, fantastical, published novels. The following review was published in the Fall 2018 issue.

The White Forest, Aviya Carmen

Featuring a young child protagonist and other characters who speak and act and even bicker in child-like ways, Aviya Carmen’s The White Forest is a story geared for young readers. Fans follow the ten-year-old Prince Ayron’s journey through the White Forest to his mother’s people, the Zuries, after his father’s kingdom is betrayed. But his presence and his quest could affect the forest, which is itself under a curse. Many elements reference Christian ideas, such as a Rock of Prayer, a serpent as an enemy, and a Book of Wisdom similar to the Bible. Readers will also find references to several biblical accounts, such as creation and the end times.

Best for: Pre-teen readers who like fantasy stories.
Discern: A few references to bathroom tasks; and some details added to biblical accounts (such as God’s command for angels to worship man, and Lucifer’s refusal to worship leading to his rebellion).

Until next time!
Aviya Carmen


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