Read ‘The Intellectuals’ for free!

Hi everyone,
Thank you again for your continued support!
In light of the Covid-19 situation, I’ve been uploading chapters of ‘The intellectuals’ on this website twice a week. It’s completely free! Link:

And what’s more, I’ve made a new cover to better reflect the story. Also I’m in the process of turning it into an ebook. So stay tuned for the next announcement.
And here’s a recap of ‘The Intellectuals’.

A sci-fi light novel series.

Mark is on his first mission as a Protégé to the not so distant past. The year is 2019 and the location is Japan. He is disguised as a first year student at Tokyo’s top University known for the invention of Time Machines. Little did he know that his target is the cute girl he met at orientation. Can he win her trust so that she would reveal her secret?

Lori is having a hard time balancing personal  and school life at this privileged University.  Everything is so exciting, but will she be able to ace her classes and make it to graduate school?

Here’s the Wattpad link if you’re interested in reading there:


Enjoy the read and stay safe!

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