1.19 New Missions

Mark’s pov.

“You found both of them? Good job, Mark! I knew I could count on you.” Advisor 223’s eyes lit up.

“There was also a guy who seemed to like Lori a lot.”

“What’s his name?”

“Shane McLaren.”

“Shane…according to the information I have, he is not an important factor in your assignment. But you shouldn’t overlook his existence and do what you have to if he ever becomes an obstacle to you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you’re going to become her boyfriend. And if he ever prevents you from getting close to her, I grant you the liberty to take necessary actions as part of your assignment.”

“You want me to go out with her?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Happiness flashed in my mind. I get to date the girl I like as part of this mission. This is awesome!

“I want you to bring her back here so we could perform some experiments on her. What’s a better way of earning her trust than becoming her love interest! My idea is absolutely brilliant, right?”

“Wait, did you say you wanted to do experiments on her?” The word ‘experiment’ made me uneasy. I haven’t seen a single case where the ‘experimental subject’ was treated well. Even us Proteges are in some ways a part of a big experiment to the organization.

“That’s right. My research shows that she has the ability to see the future. That’s why the EAGLETONS are after her as well, but we need to get to her first.”

“You mean she’s a time-traveler too?”

“Hahaha! You wouldn’t be on your mission if she was time-traveler.” Advisor 223 let out a hearty laugh. “What I believe is that she’s one of the few people who are gifted with supernatural abilities. What her brain is capable of is much more powerful than any technology we have developed. Therefore, understanding her abilities would be extremely useful for our organization, especially for the development of future technologies. If we are not able to fully harvest her ability and transfer it to other members, then we could recruit her to work for us.”

“What? You want to recruit her?”

“Yes. People with abilities like hers would be a great asset to our organization.” He paused for a moment. “Of course, that part is beyond your mission. All I’m asking you to do is to bring her here.”

“Does that mean I’ll have to reveal my identity to her?”

“Absolutely not! All I’m asking you to do is to gain her trust so that you could bring her back here with you.”

“Yes, sir.”

“But before bringing her back. I need you to find out everything you can about her ability. For instance, how far into the future she is able to see and if she has control over what she is able to see. I’ll send you a list of things I would like you to find out.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Also, I would like you to find out if she knows anyone else with similar abilities. She has a best friend called Linda. I suspect that she also has a similar ability, but I haven’t been able to gather any conclusive data, so I need you to confirm my theory.”

“Linda Ng. 18 years old. Art student.” I read the info on the hologram out loud. She is a green-eyed beauty with light pink hair. “Relationship status: married, and Alan’s girlfriend?”

“Yes, I haven’t wrapped my head around that one either. According to reliable sources, she married a delinquent named Joe at the end of 2019. And around the same time, she started dating Alan while still living Joe. Moreover, we haven’t found any information regarding her divorce with Joe. So I need you to find out the details for me also.”


“There’s another thing I have to mention which I found to be rather interesting. Lori’s father and younger brother both seem to have a rare genetic disorder which makes them hypersensitive to radio-wave length radiation. Could you find out the details about that also?”

“Yes, sir.” A weight landed on my shoulders with each new task. My real mission is just about to begin.

“I want you to start getting Lori’s attention as soon as possible and get close to her. December 22 is the date I want you to bring her back. I will set up a tunnel in the perfect place for both of you to step through.” He grinned. “Btw, I’ll send you some books on the basics of dating, and feel free to ask me if you have any specific questions.”

“Yes sir.”

“For the sake of your wellbeing and the reputation of our organization, there are two things you must never do. I’m sure you’ve heard them before, but I would like to reiterate just in case. One, do not get emotionally attached to your target, and two, do not get her pregnant. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” I was well aware of the fact that there were serious penalties involved if either of those things happened.

“Alright, have some fun dating then. Is there anything else you want to report?”


“It looks like you have a guest. We’ll have to wrap up here.” Advisor 223 heard a knock on my door.

“Wait, there is something else…” I wanted to ask him about Chihu, but he had already disconnected.


“Hello, Mark!” Mateo stood outside my door with a wide grin.

“Hello, Mateo. What brings you here?” I was still thinking about my new assignments from Advisor 223.

“Wednesday evenings are karate club. Remember?” Mateo was wearing a white uniform of some sort with a black belt tied around his waist.

“Right! Haha!” I had completely forgotten.

“I brought you some uniforms.” He stepped inside my room. “Tendo sensei told me that it’s a good idea to have you wear the uniform, so you get comfortable practicing in them.”

“Um, ok.” I unfolded the stack of white garments. The cut was so strange that I couldn’t figure out how they would fit. “Should I change into them now?”

“Yes.” He grinned. “You can change in front of me. Mother said tall and handsome guys are not shy about their bodies.”

“I guess so…” I wrapped the garment awkwardly around my torso. “Um…could you show me how to put these on?”

“Here, this is how you put it on.” Mateo corrected me. “You have to take off your t-shirt first though.”

I unwillingly stripped in front of him.

“Whoa!! You have an awesome build! I knew it!” Mateo exclaimed. “You have 4 packs and your chest is super padded! No wonder girls like you so much.”

“What are you talking about? Most people I knew have a similar build.” I thought of the guys I trained with.

“You and your friends are so lucky. I have no padding on my chest, and no packs.” He showed me his small, but toned torso. “But I think my strength makes up for it.”

“I agree.”

“Don’t forget this. It keeps the top in place.” Mateo handed me a white belt and showed me how to tie it. “Let’s go!”



“Hey, hottie! What’s up?” As soon as we stepped out of my room, a brunette girl put a finger to my chest. She flung her hair and batted her eyelashes. “We haven’t seen you in such a long time. Where have you been?” She was the brunette who saw me naked.

“My friend really missed you.” The blonde girl crossed her arms in front of her obscenely large chest. “She asked me every day if I’d seen you. But I had to disappoint her very time.” Her bright-pink lipstick matched her dress unusually short dress.

“We have a party tonight.” The brunette placed her face close to mine. “Why don’t you come with us? It’s going to be fun.” She licked her deep-red lips with her tongue.

“I…I’m sorry.” I felt weak in my knees. Their obscene presence made me nervous. “I have plans for tonight already.”

“What’s your plan? Oh, hey, your friend here can come with us too!” The blonde girl put a finger to Mateo’s chin. “He’s cute too.”

“Really, you think so?” Mateo’s eyes sparked with happiness.

“Of course! My friend prefers L size, but I like S.” She caressed Mateo’s cheeks as she spoke with pouted lips.

“Um… you…you, you are so beautiful!” Mateo eyes had a hard time deciding between her thick lips and cleavage.

“I’m sorry, but we have to go.” I tugged on Mateo, but his body was completely frozen.

“Hottie, ever since the first time I saw you, I’ve been thinking about you, every single day.” The brunette girl held one of my arms and ran a finger down my chest. “I wanted to hold you in my arms and kiss you everywhere…I wanted to know how it would feel like when I put my lips against your…” She held my cheeks and came closer with her lips.

“Ahhh.” I crouched down on the ground. “My stomach!”

“What’s wrong?” The brunette girl screeched.

“My…my stomach is in pain. I need to use the toilet,” I held my stomach with one hand and flung my other arm around Mateo’s shoulders. “Mateo, help me! Help me get to the toilet! It’s so painful!”

“Mark, are you alright?” Mateo snapped out of his trans. “If you’re in that much pain, then you should see a doctor. I’ll take you to a doctor.”

“Wait, don’t leave yet!” The brunette grabbed me by the arm.

“Come on, let’s find someone else for tonight.” The blonde held back her friend and whispered. “I don’t think you want to sleep with him after, you know…”

“I don’t care. He could take a shower!” The brunette protested.

“Come on, there’s plenty of other hotties out there.”

“Mark, just hold on for a bit longer, the school clinic is not far.” Mateo reassured me as we made our way outside the building.

“Are they following us?” I relaxed my face for a bit.

“No, you scared them off!”

“Ah, good.” I let out a sigh of relieve. “Let’s go practice some karate!”

“What? You’re not sick?” Mateo’s jaws dropped.

“Of course not! I just had to get rid of them.”

“What?! Is that how you treat beautiful women?” Mateo hit me on the arm. “That was my first time seeing a pair of voluptuous breasts eye to eye! You could’ve at least let me enjoy it a little!”

“You’ll have plenty more opportunities if you hang around me.” I dashed towards the athletic centre. “Besides, those two were ugly.”

“Wait! Come back! I won’t allow you to insult beautiful women!”

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