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The Prince Ayron Series is a children and young adult fantasy series. It recounts the adventures of young Prince Ayron as he journeys through strange and mysterious lands to reclaims his father’s kingdom.

Prince Ayron is the crown prince of Orr, a small kingdom renewed in the world for its wealth. The Royal family live in the golden “Marvellous Castle”, built by King Netham, many years ago. And it has been foretold by the ancient prophets of Orr that the construction of this castle would lead to the destruction of Orr.

This prophesy was fulfilled on the 47th Birthday of King Gorion, when his younger twin brother, Noam, betrayed their kingdom into the hands of their enemies. The eldest son of King Gorion, Prince Aryon, was sent away at once to seek help from his mother’s relatives who dwell in the legendary Valley of Lolaville.

Ayron was 10 years old when he began his journey and grows up as the series progresses.

Prince Ayron Book 1 The White Forest is coming in early 2018! Click here to learn more.


About the Author:

Aviya Carmen grew up as an artist and later became a scientist, hoping to help the sick and wounded in the world through medicine. Although she did well in her studies and advanced as far as a Ph.D., she did not find fulfilment in scientific research. Somewhere along the way, she started travelling by chance and got to see different parts of the world. “Prince Ayron” was born on one of her trips around the world. She is now pursuing her ‘calling’ in life as an author and artist. She also enjoys learning languages in her spare time.

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