Welcome to my website! Bienvenue, tout le monde! Herzlich willkommen!  Bienvenido todos!

This website is dedicated to my books, the Prince Ayron Series”. The series recounts the epic and spiritual journeys of Ayron as he travels through strange and mysterious lands to reclaim his father’s kingdom. It is both an adventure and a spiritual journey. Ayron is only 10 years old when he starts his journey in book 1 and grows up as the series progresses.

Book 1 The White Forest was published in April 2017 and the ebook is available on Amazon. Click here to read the synopsis. You can also read the first five chapters of this book on this website for free. Click here for chapter 1.

I’m now in the process of making illustrations for this book.

My thoughts on the first book: This is my debut novel and it’s also the first book I’ve ever written. It took me 2 years to complete whilst working at a few odd jobs for survival. Although I know the writing is not perfect, I have to state that I have poured my heart and soul into it. This may sound cliche, but this book is much more than just a book for me. It was certainly not written for fun nor for money. It is a higher calling, a mission in my life, and a record of my spiritual journey. It is my gift to the world. 

This book and the upcoming ones are my gift to the world, to you, my dear readers. I wish for all of you to find your higher calling in life.

About the Author: I grew up as an artist and later became a scientist, hoping to help the sick and wounded in the world. But the Academia lost its charm after I started travelling and seeing the world. After many years of consideration, I decided to pursue life as a an author and artist. And I like to learn languages in my spare time. 🙂

About this blog: This blog started as random posts of my thoughts but has now evolved into an online sanctuary of my books. I have and will continue to post about other topics that interest me and beneficial to you, my dear readers. Some of these topics will include artwork (hand-drawn of course), travelling, and my life experiences.

See you! À bientôt! Bis bald! ¡Hasta luego!