Hi there!
I’m Aviya Carmen, a fantasy author and artist.


About my writing
I grew up as a huge fan of Christian Andersen’s fairytales, and martial art stories. I started writing stories at a young age and took up poetry writing in high school. I studied biomedical engineering in University for 10 years. Upon graduation, I started travelling and my love for writing was rekindled.
“The White Forest”, book 1 of the Legend of Prince Ayron series, is my debut novel. It was inspired by my hikes on the Grouse mountains in Vancouver, Canada, and the breathtaking scenery of Scotland. My new series “The Intellectuals”, a science fantasy, is scheduled to be released in 2019.
My hobbies include hiking, visiting castles, learning about ancient cultures, and tackling new languages. 


I think you’ll enjoy my books if you like:
  • Thought-provoking stories told from a fresh perspective. Lots of conversations and no heavy description.
  • Epic quests, enchanted adventures, alternate worlds, and unforgettable romance (think castles, prophecies, curses, mythical creatures, time travelling, and latest technologies).
  • Humour, sometimes cheesy, and sometimes just funny.
  • Clean stories with a moral but not overly religious.


About my artwork
I’m also the artist who brings the fantastical world of Prince Ayron to life with paper and paint brushes. I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil and copied everything I saw. My favourite characters as a child were from Japanese Anime and Disney movies. I studied traditional drawing and painting for many years until the end of high school.
Unfortunately, I had to take a hiatus from art during my academic studies. I started drawing and painting again a few years ago, at around the same time I started writing. Nowadays, I often work on improving my skills and original illustrations for my books. 
You can also spot me making fan art on Instagram (@aviya_carmen). My favourite media are pencil, watercolour, and ink.



Connect with me:

Facebook: @afcarmen
Twitter: @aviya_carmen
Instagram: @aviya_carmen



Got questions? I’ve got some of them covered on the FAQ page. Head on over and find out more about the Legend of Prince Ayrons series, and learn some interesting facts too. 🙂
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