The Author

Aviya Carmen grew up as a huge fan of Christian Andersen’s fairytales and martial art hero stories. She attempted her first novel in grade seven and managed over 20 pages (not bad for a first timer). She took up poetry writing in High School and won several awards. After completing her Master’s degree in Engineering, she started writing several novels and plays at various times, but quickly gave, until Prince Ayron was born. The first book (The White Forest) was inspired by her hike on the Grouse mountains in Vancouver BC. She now writes full time to inspire her readers with the fascinating adventures of Ayron.


The Artist

Aviya Carmen is also the artist behind the Legend of Prince Ayron series. She started drawing at a very young age and copied all the cartoon characters she saw. She grew up drawing anime characters and admiring renaissance paintings. It wasn’t until much later in life that she put effort into seriously studying art and becoming a true artist. Now she brings the fantastical worlds of Prince Ayron to life with paper and paint brushes.


AC Publishing

We’re a small independent publisher specialising in genre literary fiction (this may sound like a paradox, but please read on). Our goal is to bring to our readers Christian fiction with a strong plot, meaningful characters, and philosophies and ideas that are life-changing. Our ideal fiction are those that are thought provoking and entertaining at the same time, where the readers would come back for more.

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