AC Publishing

We are an independent publisher based in Canada. Most of our books are christian fantasy for children and young adult. We publish both electronic and printed books, and distribute internationally. We take our work seriously and never sacrifice quality for quantity. That’s why we only publish a small number of books each year.

Our books are for you if you enjoy:

  • Thought-provoking stories told from a fresh perspective.
  • Epic quests and enchanted adventures in alternate worlds (think castles, prophecies, curses, mythical creatures, and spirits).
  • Stories with a christian world view but not overly religious.
  • Humour, sometimes cheesy, and sometimes just funny.
  • Spiritual insights and revelations.
  • A world where good always triumphs over evil (at the very end, of course, and certainly not without a hard struggle).
  • 100 % child-friendly stories for all ages.

Our Team

(More pictures coming soon.)


Author, illustrator, webmaster.

She’s a restless soul who’s always looking for adventure. She enjoys inventing worlds and characters that bring smiles to people’s faces.


Accountant, finance.

She keeps us motivated and on track with our work. We would not survive without her. She enjoys making fancy desserts in her spare time.



Editor, social media.

He is the QA of our team and proofreads everything we produce. He loves Asian food (east, south, and south east) and food in general.



Our handsome big boy with sky-blue eyes. He’s super friendly and loves to cuddle. His hobby is eating and sitting on people (even while we sleep).


We invite you to join us on our adventures.
The Legend of Prince Ayron