The White Forest

(The Legend of Prince Ayron Book 1)

It was the morning of the king’s Birthday Celebration. Young Prince Ayron was worried about his hairdo until the Queen summoned him to dine with her privately. His father’s kingdom was in danger and he had to escape immediately.
Mr. Dulles, the Royal housekeeper, brought Ayron to the Rock of Prayer and watched him leap off into an unknown world. The legendary Phoenix caught his fall and took him to the slumbering White Forest, whose enchanting beauty hid a dark secret. Its inhabitants rejoiced to see him, for they knew that he was the one they had been waiting for. The boy who came to break their curse.
The Laurel trees who lived deep inside the forest also rejoiced when they heard of Ayron’s arrival. They fell madly in love with him as soon as they beheld his emerald-green eyes, which reflected the former glory of the White Forest. They made a pact together to keep him, even at the cost of their lives.

Join Ayron on his unforgettable adventures!

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