The Intellectuals Series (2020)

Part 1: A Deliberate Encounter

Mark is on his first mission as a Protégé to the not so distant past. The year is 2019 and the location is Japan. He is disguised as a first year student at Tokyo’s top University known for the invention of Time Machines. Little did he know that his target is the cute girl he met at orientation. Can he win her trust so that she would reveal her secret?
Lori is having a hard time balancing personal  and school life at this privileged University.  Everything is so exciting, but will she be able to ace her classes and make it to graduate school?
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The Legend of Prince Ayron Series (2018)

Book 1: The White Forest

Young Prince Ayron was the only one who escaped the disaster that overtook his father’s kingdom. Armed with only a mystical dagger and sacred book, he set off on the journey alone.
The legendary Phoenix caught his fall and took him to the slumbering White Forest, whose enchanting beauty hid a dark secret. Can Ayron break the curse before it overtakes him?
Join Ayron on his unforgettable adventures!
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