Sample chapters

The White Forest

(The Legend of Prince Ayron Book 1)


  1. The King’s Birthday
  2. The Escape
  3. Intrusion
  4. Deep Secrets
  5. A New King
  6. Protector of the Zuries
  7. The Curse of the White Forest

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  8. Greetings of the Songbirds
  9. Laura’s Plot
  10. Inhabitants of the White Forest
  11. The Stars
  12. No Longer Lost
  13. A Sacred Spirit
  14. Strangers
  15. New Friends

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  16. Forbidden Territory
  17. The Serpent
  18. The Laurel Trees
  19. Revelations
  20. Trapped
  21. The Plot Thickens
  22. The Messengers
  23. The Warning

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  24. The Punishment
  25. Puzzled
  26. Delays
  27. Laura’s Farewell
  28. The Last Dance
  29. Peace at Last
  30. Tilly and Tilla

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  • Glossary of stars
  • Meet The Laurel trees
  • About the Author
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