The best part of Scotland

What is the image you get in your mind when you think of Scotland? Is it vikings, bearded men in kilts playing bagpipes, or the rolling green hills and high mountains?

Before I came to Scotland, those were the images that came to my mind. But after almost a year of living in Edinburgh, my perception of this country will never agree with tourists.

When I move away from here, onto my next destination in life, I will remember the politeness and kindness of the Scots, the relaxed attitude and the natural beauty of the City. I will remember the short winter days when the sun could be absent for days at a time and the long summer days when the sun barely takes a break at night. I will remember the cold frigid winter days and the cool pleasant summer breeze. I will remember the crowded streets of the Royal Mile and Prince’s street during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Yes, I will remember my favourite restaurant, my favourite shop, and my favourite park; although I will do just fine finding my new favourites in a new city. But I will not be able to find a replacement in a new city for the ancient stone castles which have stood for centuries and the ancient alleyways of the Old Town in a new city. And because of that, I will miss them dearly. I moved to Edinburgh with the thought of perpetuating its ancient beauty with sketches and photographs. Sadly, I had done neither and have no plans of doing it at all.

But why? You ask. Well, the answer is simple. The memories of those things have left such an impression in my mind that there is no need to take photos or make sketches. I will take them with me wherever I go.

Quotes from Pearl S. Buck

Pearl S. Buck was one of those authors who always made me think. She wrote about life, culture, politics, human nature, philosophy, religion, and love. I’ve travelled with her through time to unknown lands and met many people from different walks of life. And my life has been changed as a result of her works.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from her that I would like to share with you. I hope it will bring some joy into your life as it did to mine. Read More

I’m one of those people who were born as an artist. I started drawing/doodling at the age of 1 or 2, when I could hold a pencil in my hand. I took art classes as a child, to study the traditional drawing techniques and water colour. By grade 4, I could sketch a Roman bust with proper shading, and by grade 5, I was able to draw live portraits of people with graphite pencil. In Secondary School and High School, my repertoire of artistic skills expanded to coloured pencils, acrylic, ink, oil, pastels, and many more that students only get to learn in art college. I was set for life as an artist.

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