Prince Ayron is taking a break this week

Dear readers, I’m taking a short break with the Prince Ayron chapters this week to work on a few other things. The excitement of Chapter 5 will continue next week. For those of you who are new to my website, I would like to mention that I have been uploading my book, “Prince Ayron” on my website. You can read it here. The ebook is also available on Amazon, click here. For those of you who have been reading the book. You may have noticed a new section called “Characters and Places” under the “Prince Ayron” tab. There’s more information … Continue reading Prince Ayron is taking a break this week

Prince Ayron Book 1 is Free this weekend!

Get Prince Ayron Book 1 The White Forest from Amazon today! Click here.     A fantasy adventure for children and adults! The ancient curse of the Marvellous Castle has befallen the kingdom of Orr. The king’s younger brother sold it to its enemies. Only Prince Ayron, the king’s eldest son, managed to escape the disaster. He sets out alone to seek help from his mother’s people who dwell in a distant land. Everything that happened after Ayron leapt off the Rock of Prayer seemed like a dream. The legendary Phoenix caught him in midair and brought him to the … Continue reading Prince Ayron Book 1 is Free this weekend!

Prince Ayron Series

This is an epic fantasy series for all ages.

Join Prince Ayron as he journeys through curious and mystical lands to reclaim his father’s kingdom.

Book 1 The White Forest

The kingdom of Orr was renowned for its great wealth. People came to dwell there from the ends of the earth. Overtime, their hearts grew proud and they despised the commands of their God. Despite the warnings of the ancient Prophets, King Netham built a golden castle to display his riches to the world. He called it the Marvelous Castle. Continue reading “Prince Ayron Series”