Chapter 2 – Part 5

The Kingdom of Orr – 5/5

King Netham was the first king of Orr to dwell inside a castle. All his forefathers had dwelt among the people in large courtyards in the central region of Okaro. They advised and judged the people of Orr, and never turned away anyone who came to them. Continue reading “Chapter 2 – Part 5”

Chapter 2 – Part 4

The Kingdom of Orr – 4/5

The construction of the Marvelous Castle took sixteen years to complete, including the exuberant interior decorations and ornate furnishings. It established Orr as the richest kingdom in the world, for no other people could afford to decorate a building of such size with pure gold and precious stones. Continue reading “Chapter 2 – Part 4”

Chapter 2 – Part 3

The Kingdom of Orr – 3/5

“My son, I understand your concern. You must understand that the commandments of our forefathers are from a long ago, but the times have changed.” King Netham explained patiently, “We can no longer dwell in peace with all the common people in our kingdom, especially the immigrants from all the face of the earth. Continue reading “Chapter 2 – Part 3”

Chapter 2 – Part 2

The Kingdom of Orr – 2/5

The children of the immigrants multiplied and they took over the businesses of the people of Orr. They bought houses, farmlands and possessions belonging to the people of Orr and carried out business as if they were in their own land. Continue reading “Chapter 2 – Part 2”

Chapter 2 – Part 1

The Kingdom of Orr – 1/5

To fully comprehend the events of Prince Ayron’s life, I must begin with a brief history and geography of the kingdom of Orr. The first inhabitants of the land of Orr came from the Valley of Lolaville. They had become too numerous for their own land, so Orr and his followers sought a new land to dwell in. Continue reading “Chapter 2 – Part 1”