Chapter 5 – Part 4

Protector of the Zuries – 4/4

“What? I’ve never heard of anyone who lived more than a hundred and ten years!”

“You’re still very young, my Prince.” The Phoenix shook her feathers gently. “There are many things in this world you have not yet heard of. When you see the Sage, he will instruct you in many things.” Continue reading “Chapter 5 – Part 4”

Chapter 5 – Part 3

Protector of the Zuries – 3/4

“Gorman bowed himself on his wild horse. ‘Angel of the Almighty God, I have sinned against God by disobeying his command. I dare not beg for forgiveness, for I know that my transgressions are beyond pardon. My father warned me many times not to enter the Emerald Forest, but I could not resist the desires of my selfish heart. Continue reading “Chapter 5 – Part 3”

Chapter 5 – Part 2

Protector of the Zuries – 2/4

“That is only a myth. No man has ever returned from the Field of Ecstasy alive.”

“But if it’s only a myth, why do people still go there?”

“Men are always seeking what they do not have and despise what they do have. Continue reading “Chapter 5 – Part 2”

Chapter 5 – Part 1

Protector of the Zuries – 1/4

Ayron shut his eyes tightly and prayed in his heart. My God, please help me. Please take me to my mother’s people. His body felt light against the cold air pushing against it, and the loud swooshing sound of the wind brushed against his ears. After a few seconds of eternity, his body started to move in a different direction, held up by something warm and soft. Continue reading “Chapter 5 – Part 1”