Hi everyone,
Thank you again for your continued support!
In light of the Covid-19 situation, I’ve been uploading chapters of ‘The intellectuals’ on this website twice a week. It’s completely free! Link: https://aviyacarmen.com/category/the-intellectuals/

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The Intellectuals is here!

Hello everyone,
I’m super excited to announce that my sci-fi romance series “The Intellectuals” has begun on Wattpad. The first book of the series “Felix Martin, here I come!” is now up and will be updated every Friday evening (NYC time). Please check it out! I’ve also made a wiki page with some information on the characters. 

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Lorehaven Book Clubs Interview – Part 3

Hi again,
Today is the third and final part of my interview with Lorehaven Book Clubs. And I’ll talk about some of my writing habits and hopes. Read More

Lorehaven Book Clubs Interview – Part 2

Hi everyone,
The interview with Lorehaven Book Clubs continues. Today I answer some questions about the writing process of ‘The White Forest’ and ‘Legend of Prince Ayron series’. Don’t forget to check out the Lorehaven Book Clubs facebook page for other exciting books as well. Read More

Lorehaven Book Clubs Interview – Part 1

Hi everyone,
The White Forest is being featured in the Lorehaven Book Clubs this week, from Wed, Nov 14 to Sat, Nov 17! I’m super excited about this! As the author, I’ll be posting some answers to interview questions each day on the Lorehaven Book Clubs facebook page during this time. So as to provide some insight into the writing process. I hope you’ll enjoy the adventures of Prince Ayron! Read More

October news – New book series, Wattpad, Lorehaven magazine review

Hello everyone,
It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post. I’ve been busy working on a new series called ‘The Intellectuals”. It’s a sci-fi fantasy romance for young adult and new adult readers. It’s quite a different genre from Prince Ayron but it’s no less exciting. Read More

The magic behind Laura Laurel

So who is Laura Laurel? And what’s her magic?

Well, Laura Laurel is the soul of an ancient laurel tree who lives inside the White Forest. She’s also the antagonist of ‘The White Forest’, the first book of the Legend of Prince Ayron series. She is the one who convinced all her laurel tree sisters to trap Ayron inside their territory so they could keep him with them forever Read More

The journey begins!

Today I would like to share a sketch of prince Ayron. I’ve only recently realised that I haven’t posted any drawings of him on my website at all! There is artwork of many other characters from the first book “The White Forest”, but Ayron has been missing. I shall keep you in suspense no longer. Read More
Are you wondering what the Legend of Prince Ayron is about?
It’s more than just an epic title! You’ll find some interesting facts about the book and the author on our FAQ page.
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Experience the adventure! For a limited time, you can follow the journey of our young prince for only 0.99 cents U.S.! That’s right. This offer is available until May 31st. Read on, adventure lovers!

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Happy Mother’s Day from the World of Prince Ayron!
Mothers nurture us from the beginning, from the moment we are small and fragile in the womb. The bond is truly remarkable! Whether you have a mom or a guardian or a truly special friend, or all three, let’s give love to those who love us, not only on Mother’s Day but on every day of our lives! 🙂

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I was so ecstatic to see my success story featured on WriteStoryBooksforChildren.com, which you can read here:
Their course has really helped me with my writing style, editing, and overall development as a writer. A big thank you goes out to them! 🙂