1.5 A Long Wait

Mark’s pov.

Mateo walked over to me with his head down. “There’s no prize for the competition. I’ve been looking forward to it for a whole month!”

“What’s are ‘cheers’? Isn’t that what people say when they drink alcohol?” I wondered how people would ‘do’ the ‘cheers’? Read More

1.4 Mateo san

Mark’s pov.

“Eh!” I felt a tap on my shoulder as soon as I stepped outside the auditorium.

“Hey, which team are you on?” A skinny Asian kid with thick glasses asked with the widest grin. He was a full head shorter than me, even with his hair standing up. Read More

1.3 Registration Jitters

Mark’s pov.

The registration hall was packed with students when I arrived. This is the first time I had ever seen this many young people in the same room all at once. I even heard different languages spoken as I waited in line. Read More

1.2 The Telephone Booth

Mark’s pov.

The main campus building was just across the street, as the telephone booth guy had said. It’s a five-story bright-yellow building with a large “Felix Martin University” sign on it. I got onto Fountain Road, then made a left on Park Street. There were several tall buildings on the left and a huge field of grass with trees on my right. This must be the first time I’ve ever walked amongst so many trees. The air is so fresh that my lungs felt rejuvenated. Read More

1.1 Mark’s Arrival

Mark’s pov.

 “Are you ready?” Advisor 223 asked with a wide grin. He looked more awake than usual this morning. Even his usually messy hair was gelled.

“Yes, sir,” I answered with a nervous smile. “I’m ready as I’ll ever be.” Read More

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