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Welcome to the world of Prince Ayron!
Want to take your mind off of the worries of this world and go on an adventure in a faraway kingdom? You’ve come to the right place!
First, let me introduce you to Ayron, the hero of our story. One day, his father’s kingdom was overtaken by a foreign army and he had to escape right away. And what’s worse? He had to jump off from a high cliff, a very high cliff. And everything that happened afterwards was like a dream! He came to the White Forest where everything inside could talk, the trees, grass, rocks, and animals. 
Ayron was so taken by its beauty and kindness that he started to enjoy himself after a while. He even made friends with the Crystal Creek (whose water is sweeter than sugar), the Wind (a tireless messenger), and the Songbirds (they sing lovely songs all day).
But then, things get a bit messy, of course, otherwise, there wouldn’t be a story, right? He finds out that the forest is heavily cursed, and has been waiting for someone to lift its curse. And he was that someone! Wait, what? But Ayron just got there, and he had no idea the White Forest even existed.
And of course, that was not the only thing that went wrong. A little fox wanted his dagger (see photo above), and a group of trees plotted to trap him. So what happened to him? You’ll have to read the book to find out. You can read a sample here.
So what else can you find on this website?
 • First off, you can get yourself oriented with a map of Orr and the White Forest. 
 • If you’d like some help with visualising the White Forest, you can check out some of our artwork for inspiration. 
 • Want to learn more about the Legend of Prince Ayron series? Check out our FAQ page.
 • If you’re bored, and are in for some fun, you can take our personality quiz to find out which character you’re most similar to.  
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 • Want to ask the author (myself) a question or just say hi? You can get in touch with me on this page. I love to hear from my readers and I read all my messages!
That’s all for now. Remember to visit us often for more goodies. We update regularly. 
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