About the Series

Q: What genre is the Legend of Prince Ayron (LOPA) series?
A: The LOPA series is a fantasy adventure series for middle grade and young adults. The first book of the series “The White Forest” is written for young readers (ages 9 and up), and the following books are intended for young adults.
Q: Is the LOPA series suitable for young children or adults?
A: The short answer is yes. The LOPA series can be enjoyed by people of all ages. In the first book, Ayron is 10 years old and grows up as the series progresses. Even though the main character is a young boy, people of all ages can relate to him in some way, through his innocence, kindness, courage, and sense of humour. However, very young children are recommended to be read to.
Q: How many books are there in the LOPA series? When are they coming out?
A: There are more than 10 books planned for the series so far, but the exact number has not been decided yet. The plan is to roll out one book per year. For each book, there will also be a shorter companion book released in the same year that contains a backstory about a certain place(s) or character(s).
Q: Are each of the books in the series stand-alone? And do I have to read the books in order?
A: Yes and not necessarily. Each book of the series contains a stand-alone story, which together make up a larger story. The books don’t have to be read in order, but it’s recommended if you want to understand the big picture. The first book is especially important since it sets the scene for the whole series.
Q: What’s the setting of the story? Which time period?
A: The story of the Legend of Prince Ayron takes place on earth, in an ancient time. In Book 1, the story begins in the kingdom of Orr, which is situated at the center of the Earth. And then Ayron is taken to the White Forest, which is hidden under a giant mountainous valley.
Q: What’s the central theme of LOPA?
A: Even though this sounds like a story of a prince reclaiming his father’s lost kingdom, there are many deeper themes throughout the series. It’s about unwavering faith, unrelenting hope, and unquenchable love. And how courage and kindness are the true weapons for conquering the darkness in this world.
Q: What inspired LOPA? And which other books is it similar to?
A: LOPA was inspired by a combination of many things. Prince Ayron himself was a character born from the author’s life experience. The White Forest was inspired by her travels to Vancouver, BC. And the world of LOPA was inspired by her fascination with the ancient world. There aren’t any books that LOPA is similar to exactly, it’s a mixture of LOTR, Narnia, and the Warriors. It’s not at all like Harry Potter.

Interesting facts

Q: Do the characters’ names mean anything?
A: Absolutely! Names are always carefully picked, because they have a huge influence on a character’s personality and his/her life. For example, Ayron means ‘the exalted one’, which is fitting for his character and role in the story.
Q: How similar are the language of Orr and the language of the Zuries?
A: They both share the same origin. The people of Orr actually came from the land of the Zuries a long time ago (explained in “The Curse of the Marvelous Castle: A Brief History”). However, the two languages developed separately overtime without much contact with each other and Orr was heavily influenced by its surrounding kingdoms. By the time Ayron was sent to the Zuries, they have become two distinct languages.
Q: Is the language of Orr similar to any of the languages we use today?
A: Not exactly. The alphabet is different from any of the alphabets in use today. The grammar and vocabulary are also not similar to any of the known languages today. A handbook on the language of Orr is scheduled to be published to clear things up. Keep your eyes peeled.

About the Artwork

Q: Is it true that the author is also the artist? How is this possible?
A: Anything is possible in the world these days. The author first learned to draw as a toddler, and studied it for many years. As she got older, she realised that her true calling is not art, but writing. So instead of letting a long practiced skill go to waste, she decided to use it to supplement her writing.
Q: How are the artworks made? And how long does it take to make each piece?
A: Each piece of artwork is hand painted with watercolour, and finished with a combination of coloured pencils, acrylic paint and white gel pens. The amount of time required to complete each piece varies depending on the size and complexity of the artwork. It usually takes between 2 – 4 weeks of full time work.
Q: Where does the artist get her inspirations?
A: We live in a time where almost everything is at our fingertips, on the internet. She gets her inspirations from great artists from the past and present (renaissance paintings and anime). Her favourite styles are artwork with a lot of fine detail.

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