Chapter 4 – Part 3

The King’s Celebration – 3/6

King Gorion led Noam into his study and shut all the doors behind them. “There are neither servants nor women in this room. Let us speak openly with one another, for we are born from the same womb.” He sat down in his usual chair next to the desk and motioned for Noam to sit across from him. “Please have a seat so we may speak man to man.” Continue reading “Chapter 4 – Part 3”

Chapter 4 – Part 2

The King’s Celebration – 2/6

“Oh, my dear brother, now you ask the right question.” Noam’s anger turned into a satisfactory grin, his thin lips became a line under his grey moustache. “I have come to arrest you, for the offence of high treason, and the murder of Prince Ayron, the heir to the Royal Throne.” Continue reading “Chapter 4 – Part 2”

Chapter 3 – Part 6

The Fall – 6/6

“You can think of it like that. Now you must go. I will see you off from here.” Mr. Dulles kissed Ayron’s forehead the same way he would his own son. “May the God of your father and your mother protect you on your journey!” Continue reading “Chapter 3 – Part 6”

Chapter 3 – Part 5

The Fall – 5/6

Mr. Dulles bent down in front of Ayron and slung his arms around his shoulders and put him in a piggy-back position. “Your highness, please rest for a while.” He continued running as if there was no added weight. Ayron was surprised at the remarkable endurance of the skinny little man who had been the Royal Housekeeper for as long as he could remember. Continue reading “Chapter 3 – Part 5”