The magic behind Laura Laurel

So who is Laura Laurel? And what’s her magic? Well, Laura Laurel is the soul of an ancient laurel tree who lives inside the White Forest. She’s also the antagonist of ‘The White Forest’, the first book of… Read More

The journey begins!

Today I would like to share a sketch of prince Ayron. I’ve only recently realised that I haven’t posted any drawings of him on my website at all! There is artwork of many other characters from the first… Read More

Aqua Haired Girl

This is a watercolour drawing of an imaginary aqua haired girl, painted on heavy weight watercolour paper. The reverse side of the paper is a postcard. Medium: watercolour. Size: A6 (postcard)

Map of Orr and the White Forest

Linkle – Fanart

Linkle, the female reincarnation of Link, the hero of the Legend of Zelda! Medium: coloured pencils, water colour pencils. Size: A5

Prince Ayron Book 1 – Cover Art

Ebook coming to the Amazon bookstore on 17 April, 2017! Artist: Aviya Carmen Medium: Mixed media (acrylic, coloured pencils, gel pens, photoshop).