My success story has been featured

I was so ecstatic to see my success story featured on, which you can read here: Their course has really helped me with my writing style, editing, and overall development as a writer. A big thank… Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Read the Legend of Prince Ayron

Are you a hardcore fantasy fan, looking for the next Narnia, Harry Potter, or LOTR? Why not give the Legend of Prince Ayron a try?

Notable Places

Just like the world we live in, there are many important places where Ayron lives in. Here are some notable places in and around the land of Orr (the birth place of Ayron). Please refer to the map… Read More

The best part of Scotland

What is the image you get in your mind when you think of Scotland? Is it vikings, bearded men in kilts playing bagpipes, or the rolling green hills and high mountains? Before I came to Scotland, those were… Read More

Prince Ayron Wallpaper Download

Ayron marvels at the beauty of the White Forest. Make this stunning image your desktop wallpaper by clicking on the image.

Map of Orr and the White Forest