1.24 New Plan

Lori’s pov. “Well, towards the end of summer, I went to a friend’s birthday party at a bar. He invited me for a few drinks and we just hit it off.” “Birthday party at a bar?” My jaw… Read More

1.23 Emergency

Lori’s pov. “Sis, you’re late today.” Ian shouted from the living room. “I got stuck in traffic.” I took off my shoes and went to my room to drop off my backpack. “It took more than an hour… Read More

1.22 Class Election

Lori’s pov. “Hey, Lori, we saved a seat for you!” Shane waved to me as soon I arrived in bio class. “Thanks, Shane.” I was a little disappointed that it was in the first row again. But I… Read More

1.21 Infatuations

Lori’s pov. “Oh, I’m so glad that the labs don’t start till next week!” Susan exclaimed after chem class. “Me too!” Jody replied with a big smile. “Wanna go to the restaurant and then go shopping again?”

1.20 I Will Kick Your Ass

Mark’s pov. When we arrived at the gym, he took off his shoes, placed them inside a shoe box on the wall and dashed straight upstairs to a particular room. “Hurry, Mark! We’re already late.” I did everything… Read More

1.19 New Missions

Mark’s pov. “You found both of them? Good job, Mark! I knew I could count on you.” Advisor 223’s eyes lit up. “There was also a guy who seemed to like Lori a lot.” “What’s his name?”

1.18 Project meeting

Mark’s pov. “So.” Jody looked at the assignment outline. “We have to research the history of a famous machine used in engineering and write a report on it. There’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 options.” She… Read More

1.17 Alan and Evan

Mark’s pov. “She showed my ex-girlfriend my baby pictures.” Alan’s hair was completely different from the photo Advisor 223 sent me. It was neatly cropped in the photo, but the real Alan’s hair was long and covered part… Read More

1.15 Chihu’s Challenge

Mark’s pov. “I defy your challenge, Mark Winfield!” A body blocked my way as I made my way towards the door after class. “A pathetic foreigner like you has no right to challenge me.” “Huh? Challenge? What challenge?”… Read More

1.14 Future vision

Mark’s pov. “You guys are awfully quiet for a first-year class!” The professor’s voice was quite high pitched for a male. His white dress-shirt and black pants clung to his scrawny body. His sharp facial features were somewhat… Read More

1.13 First target

Mark’s pov. “Have you located your target yet?” Advisor 223 called me at 7 am on Wednesday morning. My first task was to identify a girl named Lori Shin, a first year bioengineering student who lives off campus… Read More

1.12 Ian

Lori’s pov. “Hey, sis! You’re home so early!” Ian, my younger brother, opened the door of our apartment. He’s already towering over me at 16, especially with his hair styled standing up. “Isn’t University supposed to have crazy… Read More