1.9 The Young Professor

Lori’s pov.  “Now before we get started on the first lesson. I would like to congratulate you on entering the best university in this country for medical research. In fact, it’s one of the best universities in the… Read More

1.8 Where is my timetable?

Lori’s pov. “Where is my timetable?” I’m sure I printed it and put it in my bag last night. “Where is it now? Oh, please be here!” I mumbled to myself as I fumbled through my backpack a… Read More

1.7 Everyday Trifles

Mark’s pov. “Hello 7061!” Advisor 223 answered my call. “Hello, Advisor 223! I’m sorry to bother you again so soon. But I need your advise urgently!” “What happened to you?! Did they use you for an experiment?” He… Read More

1.6 Lunch and cheers

Mark’s pov. The welcome ceremony was an exciting experience for me. Except for the beginning where two old men gave a one-hour long speech. One man spoke in English, and the other one repeated everything he said sentence… Read More

A Deliberate Encounter – chapter 2 is here!

Hi everyone, Chapter 2 of “A Deliberate Encounter” is now on Wattpad! If you enjoy reading sci-fi, romance, and campus school life, please give this book a try. 🙂 New chapters will be posted every Friday evening. Just… Read More

The Intellectuals is here!

Hello everyone, I’m super excited to announce that my sci-fi romance series “The Intellectuals” has begun on Wattpad. The first book of the series “Felix Martin, here I come!” is now up and will be updated every Friday… Read More